Friday, December 23, 2005

FISA Nixed Moussaoui Warrant

The FISA secret court denied a warrant on Moussaoui, the reputed 9/11 twentieth bomber. The Star Chamber went so far as to "discipline" Michael Resnick, F.B.I. supervisor of terrorist surveillance operations coordination.

In a January 2002 letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller, [Sen. Charles] Grassley noted that had a search been permitted, "Agents would have found information in Moussaoui’s belongings that linked him both to a major financier of the [9/11] hijacking plot working out of Germany, and to a Malaysian Al Qaeda boss who had met with at least two other [9/11] hijackers while under surveillance by intelligence officials."
No wonder the President didn't want to get warrants through FISA. If a governmental agency is going to willfully place the country in jeopardy then, rightly so, they should be bypassed. It would be a good idea if all the folks working in the US government were actually on our side.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Hazard for Illegal Aliens

I'm a little ambivalent about this. Human smuggling gangs are kidnapping illegal border crossers and holding them for ransom. They threaten to deposit the illegal aliens/kidnap victims in the desert to die. This is especially dangerous at Christmas time when many children are illegally trafficked over the border for family reunions here in Mexico del Norte, Baja Canada, the land formerly known as the United States of America.

Obviously, kidnapping and murder are wrong, but if this causes anyone to abandon any thoughts of crossing into the US illegally, well...

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Saddam Trial News

Today in Baghdad, Saddam Hussein demonstrated his skills as an attorney as well as his knowledge of American courtroom dramas.

"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Out of order? You're out of order! This court is out of order! This whole damned trial is out of order!"

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By the Fruits of Their Labors

In Bristol, England the lawsuit brought by Imran Khan against his employer ended yesterday. The wrath of Khan was sparked when his employer offered bottles of wine as a sales incentive to the sales staff. As a Muslim, Mr. Khan is forbidden the imbibing of alcohol and he experienced "hurt feelings" for which he sued. Another Muslim employee exchanged his wine incentive prize for gift vouchers. Mr. Khan lost his case.

Well, it's about freakin' time the Brits or anyone stood up and said enough of this hurt feelings crap! Their your feelings - deal with it all you Mr. and Ms. Khans of the world.

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

After getting the world to push the Jews out of the Gaza Strip last August, Palestinians took over the operation of massive greenhouses the Jewish community had built. The Gush Katif gardens provided 75% of Israel's insect-free produce and had enough to export $100 million worth of vegies to Europe each year.

Since the Palestinians took charge, the gardens have foundered and failed. The new Palestinian owners are now asking the Jewish farmers to return as consultants to help them operate the stolen facilities. One former Gush Katif farmer when asked if she would return said, "Probably not. We see the terror coming out of Gaza, coming out of the neighborhood I used to live in, and it's just horrible. Hamas has taken over different parts of Gush Katif and are firing rockets into Israel. I am not saying the Palestinian farmers are involved, but it seems they are not doing enough to stop the terror."

While the Hebrews lived in the Lavant, Israel blossomed so that it was the "land of milk and honey." For millennia after the Hebrews were kicked out of Israel by various non-Jewish people, Israel returned to the barren wasteland it was before the Hebrews arrived. The Jews of the Diaspora returned to The Promised Land in 1946 quickly making the land bloom again. Jealous Arabs seized the land and again have no clue how to use it. Now they want those very same Jews from whom the greenhouses were stolen to come back to tell them how to grow carrots and squash! Give peas a chance - HA!

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Germany Releases Stethem Killer

Germany secretly released a Hezbollah killer of a US military diver. The killer was serving a LIFE SENTENCE! (Remember that because it's important.) According to the Reuters report in Haaretz Daily, Germany released the convicted killer to Lebanon despite an extradition request from the US.

Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem was executed by Muhammad ali Hammadi in the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847 to Beirut. You'll remember the terrorist waving his gun out the pilots window while threatening to blow up the plane. When passports were demanded by the terrorists, Stethem was ID'd as an American serviceman, beaten, shot, and his body dumped out the rear door onto the tarmac where his lifeless body remained for two hours before retrieval was allowed.

Hammadi was sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. Germany returned the murderer to Beirut last Tuesday, December 13, because said the German government spokesman - get this - "He has served his sentence." How does one serve a court sentenced LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE without serving for life - until one is dead in prison? What part of LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE do the Germans not understand?

Germans have to get over the guilt trip they've been on for the passed 60 years. Just because the Volk were responsible for the mass murder of 5-6 million people during the Hitler era does not mean they must abandon all sensibilities in the opposite direction. The US has the death penalty to which Hammadi would certainly be eligible, but would not ipso facto receive. Germany revoked capital punishment after WWII judging the German people incapable of knowing when to stop killing once they have begun.

This is stupid and dangerous. The good volk have shown themselves to be righteous and honorable people not likely to willy-nilly go about murdering millions again. During the Third Reich, while murder was still a crime, the German nation murdered with legal impugnity making the punishment for homicide meaningless. Today, Germany has rendered LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE meaningless. Germany lost the sense of decency 60 years ago and has yet to get it back.

The US has pledged to hunt down the killer, Hammadi, and bring him to justice - REAL JUSTICE.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Saddam's Place in the Sun

Saddam Hussein is interviewed in The Sun-Online today. Saddam reveals some of his thinking at the moment of capture and of his congenial relationship with Jacques Chirac.

HOPED to flee by motorbike just minutes before he was nabbed by US combat forces.
PRAISES cowardly French President Jacques Chirac as his “longtime friend”.
BRANDED our sensational scoop pictures of him in his pants an insult to Iraqi people.

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