Friday, December 16, 2005

John Lennon: Not Just a Magical Mystery Tourist, He's an Action Figure

It was 7 days ago today, Sgt. Pepper reminded us how to play. She should never have gotten her say in the band, but she did. Now she won't go away.

Yoko Ono has gone to the John Lennon money well again.

And now, on our very own stage...ladies and gentlemen....the JOHN LENNON ACTION FIGURE!

Imagine! Well, no need for that anymore. "[An] 18" Action Figure w/motion activated sound. Coming in Spring 2006, this is the first officially licensed John Lennon Figure ever. He will "speak" authentic John Lennon phrases and is known as "The New York Years" John Lennon," says the maker NECA (click on Little John to see Big John.)

All profits will go to Yoko. SURPRISE!

All I am saying is, thank God, it's not Fat John. Imagine whirled peas. Give peas a chance.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

From Tyranny to Democracy: Iraqis Win Again

"We've got nation building by the U.S. military, and that's not a mission for the U.S. military. I've said this over and over again: They're not good at nation building. You've given them a mission which they cannot carry out. They do the best they can, but they can't do it." - Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania

In the the final act of the drama the world has watched unfold before our eyes, Iraqis went to the polls. This simple action was in direct defiance to al-Qaida, the terrorists, naysayers, and many in the Democrat Party who see this vote as a major loss for their side.

Iraqi families cast their ballots at a polling station December 15.
Army Pfc. Janelle Zalkovsky hands out humanitarian aid items to local citizens in Thyad, Iraq, on Dec. 4, 2005. Zalkovsky is attached to the Civil Affairs Unit of the 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division deployed from Fort Campbell, Ky. DoD photo by Spc. Charles W. Gill, U.S. Army.

An American soldier is brought home after giving his life for the liberty of others. Because of American Army and Iraqi perseverance a Nation is built.

Mr. Murtha - GO TO HELL!

Photos from:
CBS News
BBC News
ABC News
US Central Command Newsletter
Atlas Shrugs

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Son of Tookie

Tonight we have a guest writer. I have five sisters and one, the 7th child, is a regular reader of FAIR, and I shall call her Indigo Rose.

Indigo Rose has two daughters who have in this time of great crisis and danger volunteered to serve their country. The older enlisted in the US Army and the younger joined the US Air Force. Though giving it their all, the sisters have both been discharged for health reasons. I am very proud and humbled by their selfless intent. My sister has been married for many, many years to, get this, the same man. Her husband served in the US Navy aboard an aircraft carrier as a deck crewman running to and fro generally trying to get out of the way of all those planes landing and taking off - YIKES! He has made a career in the California Correctional system vigilantly and successfully keeping the bad guys behind bars.

That is the story, in brief, of Indigo Rose. Herewith is an e-mail I received tonight. (Any similarity between my writing and hers is purely genetic.)

I enjoyed your blog regarding "Tookie" Williams execution. It was well-written and filled with the history of a man who loved to hate.

As so many are crying 'foul' because of Williams children's books, decrying the gangs he started, his own son is sitting in High Desert State Prison. A child raised to kill and fight his way to the top, is sitting at our expense, waiting for Crips to line up to be his cell-mate. He is the "son of Tookie" and has inherited the fear and honor among thieves and criminals.

It really didn't matter that Tookie was imprisoned, it was the feeling of many corrections officers that he was still in charge of the Crips, running the gang from inside, just as the Mexican Mafia has been run by a leader incarcerated at Pelican Bay.

I do think the execution was necessary to put a last chapter to his books. Wasn't this the lesson to be learned? If you live the life of a gangbanger, taking the lives of those around you for any reason, or no reason, you will die the life of a gangbanger.

The choice: a bullet or a needle.

I got on the California State website looking at the last dozen executions before Tookie. Of the 12 : 1 was black, 1 was "other" (Thai), 10 were white.

How many times did the ACLU, Denzell Washington, Rev. Jesse Jackson, or Bianca Jagger come forward to spare these "poor men"?

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Death Comes for Tookie Williams

In a few short hours, Stanley "Tookie" Williams will be put to death at San Quentin Prison in San Francisco, California.

A needle will be inserted into his arm, 5 grams of sodium pentothal will flow into his blood causing unconsciousness, followed by 50 cc of pancuronium bromide to paralyze the diaphragm muscles stopping his breathing. Finally, 50 cc of potassium chloride will slow, then stop the heart. Within 5 minutes the brain and brainstem will experience irreversible damage from oxygen deprivation. From beginning to end, 20 minutes will have passed. A pointless, violent criminal life will have been put to death, a minor footnote ended.

The crimes for which he will be put to death are horrid and are deserving of the death penalty. Today at work, when I received the breaking news by e-mail from ABCNews, I felt satisfaction that Governor Schwartzenegger had declined the granting of leniency, declined sparing the life of this particular criminal. I was satisfied and jubilant that Justice had prevailed.

By converting the Crips gang from a pitiable group of neighborhood thugs to the most violent crime organization the LA area has known and then franchising his murderous creation throughout the US, Williams is responsible for thousands of murders, robberies, and broken lives. Tookie Williams forfeited his life many years ago. Only now is that society upon which he vented his rage and exercised his greed exacting its just punishment.

But, I will not celebrate, nor cheer the death of Tookie Williams. I cannot deny Stanley was a remarkable person with talents and abilities that he was unable or unwilling to channel towards the betterment of his community. I will not wax rhapsodic on what might have been, the life that might have been led because Tookie Williams freely chose, rather, to bring great pain and destruction.

In the years since he took control of the Crips in the early 1980s, Los Angeles has suffered over 3000 gang related murders. The murder rate has increased some 30%; the gang killings in his hometown of Compton has set a new record nearly every year for the past twenty-plus years. The death toll from these thugs is 50 times greater than that exacted by the Mafia in its entire history of organized crime in the United States. Tookie Williams wanted to form the most feared gang known and he succeeded with great cost to the community. Such a waste.

For all of these killings, Tookie Williams is responsible. No, he did not personally pull the trigger on all the dead, but he set in motion the conditions that allowed them to happen. Even now, just hours from his own execution, he refuses to bring any comfort to the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of those slain by telling authorities what he knows of so many deaths. He would rather die a coward than be a "snitch".

Little more than an hour ago, a fifteen year old boy was gunned down while riding in a car in an area of LA known as Koreatown. A car pulled alongside his and the occupants fired a fusillade of bullets into the car and the teen. Another boy is dead tonight because of the mayhem wrought by Tookie Williams. Another Mother's son is dead from the senseless, stupid gang violence. Even from behind bars and sitting in a cell on deathrow awaiting his own death, the legacy of Tookie Williams has destroyed another life, destroyed another family.

Killing Tookie Williams will not bring back the boy killed tonight nor the thousands of boys killed over the years, but one less gangbanger will be gone and this time, before morning when I awaken to enjoy another day of life, Justice will have been served.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Supersecret Israeli Attack on Iraq Scheduled for March 28


Israel will attack Iranian nuclear installations March 28, 2006. This according to The Sunday Times December 11, 2005. Military sources have revealed that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has placed the necessary forces on code "G", the highest level of readiness. Mohamed El-Baradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Nobel Peace Prize winner, warned Iran the world was "losing patience" (UN fighting words) with Iranian stalling.

Israel has, in 2005, been building a large intelligence gathering capability in the region for just this type of eventuality. Israel has established a Signal Operations and Cross-border base in northern Iraq and have potentially mapped many nuclear enrichment sites previously unknown to the IAEA and the rest of the world. Establishing multiple sites was the lesson learned from the Osirak strike by Israel against Iraq in 1981. An Israeli source said of the possible future strike at Iran, "If we opt for the military strike, it must be not less than 100% successful."

The Likud party leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said that if Sharon does not act against Iran, then he (Bebe) will form a new government and carry out the plan. Israel has scheduled elections in March and intelligence sources say March is the "point of no return" for Iran. After March, it is believed, Iran will be nuclear capable within four years.

The call went out to "wipe Israel off the map" from Tehran recently. Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, has been in talks with Islamic terrorist groups, most recently on November 15, 2005 in Damascus. The leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah were in attendance.

The minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, met with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and an Islamic Jihad deputy leader. Islamic Jihad has claimed as their own handiwork the Netanya shopping mall suicide bombing last Monday killing five innocent Israelis. Said Jibril, "We all confirmed that what is going on in occupied Palestine is organically connected to what is going on in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Lebanon."

We are living in scary times folks. Like so often in the past, the enemy is, in their arrogance, telling us exactly what they are going to do. Unlike so often in the past, many on the other side (US, UK, Israel, Australia, etc., and bloggers) are actually listening, reading, and speaking out very loudly. Many are actually preparing for the coming wars despite the rantings of the appeasers and collaborators, Benedict Arnolds, Quislings, and various Vichy French type persons (Jacques Chirac.)

What occurs in the next six to eight months may very well set the tone for the rest of the 21st Century. In the words on President Andrew Jackson, "You're either with us, or you're against us." It's time to choose up sides and neutrlity is not an option.

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