Friday, December 09, 2005

Surrender Monkey Video

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John Murtha Wrote Me a Letter

I received this e-mail from Rep. John Murtha today. The bolding is in the original. I have left out the link to a petition he is asking folks to sign as I'm not obligated to do the bidding of the DCCC.

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) thought you would be interested in this important message from Representative John Murtha.

Dear [Indigo Red],

America wants and deserves real answers on Iraq: What is the clear definition of success? Is there a plan? How much longer and how many more lives? In short, what is the end game?

Because we in Congress are charged with overseeing the safety of our sons and daughters when the president sends them into battle, it is our responsibility, our obligation to speak out for them. This obligation has not been met. That's why I am speaking out now.

I offered a concrete plan to get our troops out of harm's way, where they have become the target. I don't expect every member of Congress to agree with my specific proposal in this debate - but I do expect them to take part in that debate, not to squash it.

I am asking you to join me in demanding a real discussion of the war in Iraq from the U.S. House of Representatives.

For too long Congress has counted itself out of any real debate on Iraq policy. We didn't talk about troop levels, even after the White House fired General Shinseki because he complained the levels were too low. One problem we encountered was the lack of proper training for our troops; service members were placed to guard the prisons but weren't trained; consequently we had Abu Ghraib, and no action from Congress. And if you look at the casualties, they have doubled since then. It's time to change our course - we can't just sit back any longer.

I've taken a lot of trips to Iraq. When I came back from my last one, I had become convinced we were making no progress at all. This can't be Republican and Democrat. It can't be recrimination one way or the other. We have to work this thing out, and we can't let a real solution get caught in the crossfire of an understandably heated political fight.

It's time for a serious conversation, not more rhetoric.

The past few weeks have had a lot of firsts for me. I have never sought out the spotlight, or even taken the lead in a House floor debate the way I did a few weeks ago. And I've never signed an email like this before. But I see the beginning of a debate that is long overdue, and we can't afford to let it get overtaken by talking points or the news cycle.

I'm offering this petition, which will be delivered to Speaker of the House in order to keep our Congress focused where it should have been all along. I hope you'll sign if you agree.

John Murtha
Pennsylvania's 12th District"

The good Congressman hasn't been listening. Success is when there is a stable, self-supporting government in Iraq. That government will be chosen in the elections of December 2005. The Iraqi military will be ready to take command of the field sometime in the next 1 - 1 1/2 years with minimal support from the US.

The number of lives lost or broken is totally at the discretion of the bad guys. If they stop shooting and bombing then we have nothing to shoot at and defend from. Congreesman, talk to your buds in the insurgency an Al-Qaida and get them to stop the hostilities.

The end game (it's not a game, Congressman) has been spelled out many times. Now listen up - when Iraq can stand on her own, the US will stand down. That's not a hard concept, Congressman.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Muslims Rally in London Calling for Destruction of the West

"This Shameful Ranting Must Stop" by Carol Gould details a rally held in London several days ago called the Global Peace and Unity Conference at London's Excel Centre. "It was advertised as a diverse event to which non-Muslims were invited and the impression one got from the website was of a celebration of Middle Eastern culture, food, music and children's activities in a London milieu." Seems it was anything but. "To my utter horror ... it was a seven-hour call to Jihad by a succession of ranting and shouting rabble-rousers." Read it.

Cuanas has a very good post, New Nuremburg Rally in London, hearkening back to Nazi Germany and the relationship between the Nazi Party and Islam. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini assisted the Nazis in any way he could in the extermination of the Jews during WWII. Much of the philosophy of the Islamofascists today stems from that relationship. Husseini did have one complaint - Hitler wasn't wasn't killing Jews fast enough.

Thousands of Muslims joined and fought along side Third Reich troops. Muslim troops are seen here at prayer in 1944. Today's Hezbollah terror troopers display the Nazi salute at a recent rally in the Gaza Strip.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs humorously illustrates that Howard Dean and the Democratic Liberal Left UberElites may be aiding the Islamofascists with their recalcitrance and arrogant stance against an American victory anywhere. "The idea that we're going to win this war is an idea that unfortunately is just plain wrong," Dean told San Antonio, Texas, radio station WOAI on Monday.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Black Book of Saddam Hussein

If it wasn't for the good people of France, one would think nothing sane ever came out of France. Recently published in France is a scholarly 700 page tome cataloguing the crimes of Saddam Hussein. Le Livre Noir de Saddam Hussein (The Black Book of Saddam Hussein) is a scathing expose of the 30 years of murders, rapes, kidnappings, wars, gassings, and many other assorted horrors perpetrated against the Iraqi people. In an article in The Australian, The Big Black Book of Horrors December 03, 2005, Rebecca Weisser writes that the authors - "Arabs, Americans, Germans, French and Iranian - have produced the most comprehensive work to date on the former Iraqi president's war crimes, assembling a mass of evidence that makes the anti-intervention arguments redundant."

"The first weapon of mass destruction was Saddam Hussein," writes Bernard Kouchner, who has been observing atrocities in Iraq since he led the first Medecins Sans Frontieres mission there in 1974. "Preserving the memory of the arbitrary arrests that Saddam's police conducted every morning, the horrible and humiliating torture, the organised rapes, the arbitrary executions and the prisons full of innocent people is not just a duty. Without that one cannot understand either what Saddam's dictatorship was or the urgent necessity to remove him."

"Sinje Caren Stoyke, German archeologist and president of Archeologists for Human Rights, catalogues 288 mass graves [and] estimates one million people are missing in Iraq, presumed dead, leaving families with the dreadful task of finding and identifying the remains of their loved ones. Military convoys crossed towns, full of civilian prisoners, and returned empty. People living near execution sites heard the cries of men, women and children. They heard shots followed by silence."

"Abdullah Mohammed Hussein was a soldier fighting in the mountains when Iraqi troops took the Kurdish village of Sedar and deported three-quarters of the inhabitants, including his mother, his wife and their seven children. They were taken to a concentration camp at Topzawa and from there some were taken to an execution ground near the archeological site of Hatra, south of Mosul. The remains of 192 people have been found, 123 women and children and 69 men, among them Abdullah's wife and three of their children. There is no trace of his mother and the other four children. They were victims of the genocidal Anfal campaign, which sought to exterminate the Kurds."

"Between February and September 1988, 100,000 to 180,000 Kurds died or disappeared. The bombing of the Kurdish village of Halabja with chemical weapons including mustard gas, tabun, sarin and VX on March 16, 1988, which killed 3000 to 5000 civilians, was the most publicised of these atrocities because it occurred near the Iranian border and Iranian troops were able to penetrate with the assistance of Kurds, filming and photographing the victims."

"...the security services arrested and imprisoned people without charging them, with no access to a lawyer or contact with their family. Everyone was targeted, including women and children. Torture was systematically used to secure confessions including beating, burning, ripping out finger nails, rape, electric shocks, acid baths and deprivation of sleep, food or water."

"...Le Livre Noir de Saddam Hussein charts the sorry history of France's slavish support for Saddam, from Right and Left, for 30 years, a relationship that was fundamentally based on the trade of Iraqi oil for French missiles, fighter jets and nuclear technology."
The Black Book of Saddam Hussein also details the economic, military, and personal support from the French establishment elite, particularly Jacques Chirac. It was a relationship that spanned decades and involved Iraqi oil exchanged for Mirage jets, French missiles, and nuclear technology. The authors do not ignore the immense risks and difficulties inherent in overthrowing a repressive tyranny with a 35 year history of brutal and total control.
"There was no democratic solution to Saddam's dictatorship: no popular movement, no insurrection could have overthrown him...The American war was perhaps not a good solution for getting rid of the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. But, as this book shows, after 35 years of a dictatorship of exceptional violence, which has destroyed Iraqi civil society and created millions of victims, there wasn't a good solution."

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Europe Died in Auschwitz - A Translation

Recently while catching up on my blog reading, I stopped in at SEARCH. Often one finds interesting stuff in the comments and I wasn't disappointed this time. My friend, Leap Frog, a fabulous Canadian lady, left a note to see Free Republic for an article making the blog and e-mail rounds. It's entitled "Europe got Muslims for Jews." It's a translation of an article from a Spanish newspaper. "The truth must be told! All European life died in Auschwitz" by Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez.

As interesting as I and others found the article, I was skeptical as to it's provenance. I wasn't so sure that a Spaniard would have such a clear eyed view of the "Muslim Question" after the explosive events in Madrid, the over-turning of the Spanish government, and finally the withdrawal of the brave Spanish troops from Iraq. So I went Googling. This is what I found and I reproduce the article here attempting to maintain the integrity of the original page design from Gentiuno:

Europa murió en Auschwitz


Publicado el 21.11.2004 12:08
Por Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez

Caminaba por la Rambla del Raval (Barcelona) y lo vi claro:

"La verdad no se casa con nadie" (refrán español)

Nosotros asesinamos a 6 millones de judíos, para acabar importando 20 millones de musulmanes por lo común integristas.

¿Qué no es posible generalizar? Bien, en vista de como nos han ido las cosas yo creo que sí se puede generalizar. ¿Qué si hay excepciones? De acuerdo… pero son excepciones.

Para el resto, es decir, en general debe decirse que en Auschwitz quemamos la cultura, la inteligencia y la capacidad de crear riqueza ; quemamos al pueblo del mundo, el que se autoproclama el elegido de Dios. Porque es el pueblo que ha proporcionado a la Humanidad las mayores mentes, capaces de cambiar el rumbo de la historia, (Cristo , Marx , Einstein , Freud), y grandes momentos de progreso y bienestar.

Y es preciso decir también que el resultado de relajar fronteras y del relativismo cultural y de valores bajo el absurdo pretexto de la tolerancia han sido estos 20 millones de musulmanes, a menudo analfabetos y fanáticos que Europa ha dejado entrar y que en el mejor de los supuestos están, como decía, en esta Rambla del Raval, expresión máxima del tercer mundo y del gueto, y que en el peor de los casos preparan atentados como el de Manhattan o el de Madrid , en los pisos de protección oficial que les proporcionamos día a día.

Hemos cambiado a la cultura, por el fanatismo la capacidad de crear riqueza, por la voluntad de destruirla . A la inteligencia, por la superstición.

Hemos cambiado el instinto de superación de los judíos,- que ni en las peores condiciones imaginables no se han cansado -nunca- de querer un mundo mejor en paz, por la pulsión suicida de Leganés. Los diamantes como riqueza portátil para la próxima vez que deban huir, por las piedras palestinas contra cualquier intento de paz.

Hemos cambiado el orgullo de sobrevivir, por la obsesión fanática por morir , y de paso matarnos a nosotros y a nuestros hijos. ¡Que error que hemos cometido!

Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez

(There are many translations of this article, but none seemed right, so I have translated the Spanish myself. I neither read nor understand Spanish, but I think I've come closer to the authors intent than the other, more literal translations available. I welcome any corrections--Indy)

Europe Died in Auschwitz

I walked down the Boulevard of the Raval in Barcelona and I clearly understood the Spanish proverb: "The truth marries with nobody." We assassinated upwards of 6 million Jews only to end up importing 20 million, in general, unified Muslims.

Isn’t it impossible to generalize? Well, in view of the things that have happened to us since [the Madrid bombings] I believe that, yes, it is possible to generalize. What if there are exceptions? I agree there are exceptions, but they are exceptions.

For the rest, in general, it must be said that in Auschwitz we burned the culture, intelligence, and the capacity to create wealth; we burned the people of the world, those proclaiming themselves the chosen people of God, because they had provided to Humanity the greater minds that were able to change the course of history, (Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud), and great moments of progress and well-being.

And, it is also fair to say that the result of relaxing the borders, the cultural relativism, and the values under the absurd pretext of tolerance has been that Europe has allowed 20 million Muslims, illiterate and often fanatical, to immigrate. In one of the greatest expressions of being taken for granted, as it is said on the Boulevard of the Raval, the poverty of the third world and the ghetto have been brought here, and in the worst case, to prepare attacks like those of Manhattan and Madrid under the official protection that we provide them daily.

We have exchanged culture for fanaticism; wealth creation for voluntary destruction: intelligence for superstition.

The instinct of beating the Jews, who, neither in the worst conditions imaginable, have themselves tired – never – of wanting a better, peaceful world, we have exchanged for the suicidal impulse. We have exchanged the portable wealth of diamonds for the Palestinian stones to be used against any intent of peace.

We have exchanged the pride to survive for the fanatics obsessional pursuit of death for themselves, for us, and for our children.

What a mistake we have made!

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ACLU Action Kit

WooHoo! It's finally here! My ACLU Action Kit has arrived! (Batteries not included.)

I am a bit disappointed,though. I didn't get an ACLU Action Figure - a Birkenstock wearing, middle-aged lawyer with faux leather briefcase inside of which is an organic tomato and sprout sandwich wrapped in recycled waxpaper, balding with long salt and pepper hair tied in a ponytail, blue jeans, colorfully bizarre shirt, and Camel colored corduroy jacket. And, of course, the mandatory earring.He's a lot like Larry Finkelstein (Alan Rachens) on "Dharma and Greg".

Anyway, back to the ACLU Action Kit. The letter says, ah, let's see...Bush Administration, evil...Patriot Act, evil...Ten Commandments and Pledge of Allegiance, evil...ok, here we are, "But, here's what we need to remember: In America, there are bedrock values that can never be compromised. Privacy rights, free speech, religious liberty, fairness, equality, the rule of law...such principles define our country. Those who would take away our freedoms are far out of the mainstream. They are dangerous. And they must be vigorously opposed."

Wow, it's like they're looking in a mirror, but they don't recognize themselves. One item was enclosed with which I do agree - a decal that reads:

Y'all might have noticed the "Merry Christmas, ACLU" card to the left. It is part of the Stop the ACLU blog to hinder if not literally stop the ACLU from stealing Christmas this year. It's called OPERATION NATIVITY and is free to all. Link on over and pick-up the pic of your choice. The folks at Stop the ACLU are dedicated to exposing the activities of the ACLU and their Communist minions. Give them all the support you can.

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