Wednesday, November 30, 2005

MoveOn's Little PhotoShop of Horrors originally used this photo in a TV ad. It was insinuated that these British soldiers were Americans held in Iraq during Thanksgiving by Bush's "illegal war."
When it became evident to MoveOn that their ruse was not going to fly because of the sharp eyes of bloggers like Kevin Aylward at wizbang, they Shopped the photo redressing the soldiers in US cammies. Note the guy in the original wearing shorts is dressed in long pants in the fake. The pants are the same pants as the guy to his right in line.

Dollars to donuts MoveOn will claim the 'shorts' photo is faked by conservative conspirators to discredit the truth and anyone brave enough to oppose the Bush administration.

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National Strategy for Victory in Iraq

"The United States has no intention of determining the precise form of IraqÂ’s new government. That choice belongs to the Iraqi people. Yet, we will ensure that one brutal dictator is not replaced by another. All Iraqis must have a voice in the new government, and all citizens must have their rights protected.

Rebuilding Iraq will require a sustained commitment from many nations, including our own: we will remain in Iraq as long as necessary, and not a day more."
-- President George W. Bush, February 26, 2003

As I write this , President Bush is delivering a speech at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. He is promising we will no back down, we will not give up, we will not surrender.

Here, in PDF, you can read the entire plan National Strategy for Victory in Iraq. Excerpted:

"Victory in Iraq is Defined in Stages

Short term, Iraq is making steady progress in fighting terrorists, meeting political milestones, building democratic institutions, and standing up security forces.

Medium term, Iraq is in the lead defeating terrorists and providing its own security, with a fully constitutional government in place, and on its way to achieving its economic potential.

Longer term, Iraq is peaceful, united, stable, and secure, well integrated into the international community, and a full partner in the global war on terrorism.

Failure is Not an Option

Iraq would become a safe haven from which terrorists could plan attacks against America , American interests abroad, and our allies.
Middle East reformers would never again fully trust American assurances of support for democracy and human rights in the region – a historic opportunity lost.
The resultant tribal and sectarian chaos would have major consequences for American security and interests in the region.

Our Strategy for Victory is Clear

We will help the Iraqi people build a new Iraq with a constitutional, representative government that respects civil rights and has security forces sufficient to maintain domestic order and keep Iraq from becoming a safe haven for terrorists. To achieve this end, we are pursuing an integrated strategy along three broad tracks , which together incorporate the efforts of the Iraqi government, the Coalition, cooperative countries in the region, the international community, and the United Nations.

The Political Track involves working to forge a broadly supported national compact for democratic governance by helping the Iraqi government:

Isolate enemy elements from those who can be won over to the political process by countering false propaganda and demonstrating to all Iraqis that they have a stake in a democratic Iraq ;

Engage those outside the political process and invite in those willing to turn away from violence through ever-expanding avenues of participation; and

Build stable, pluralistic, and effective national institutions that can protect the interests of all Iraqis, and facilitate Iraq 's full integration into the international community.

The Security Track involves carrying out a campaign to defeat the terrorists and neutralize the insurgency, developing Iraqi security forces, and helping the Iraqi government:

Clear areas of enemy control by remaining on the offensive, killing and capturing enemy fighters and denying them safe-haven;

Hold areas freed from enemy influence by ensuring that they remain under the control of the Iraqi government with an adequate Iraqi security force presence; and

Build Iraqi Security Forces and the capacity of local institutions to deliver services, advance the rule of law, and nurture civil society.

The Economic Track involves setting the foundation for a sound and self-sustaining economy by helping the Iraqi government:

Restore Iraq 's infrastructure to meet increasing demand and the needs of a growing economy;

Reform Iraq 's economy, which in the past has been shaped by war, dictatorship, and sanctions, so that it can be self-sustaining in the future; and

Build the capacity of Iraqi institutions to maintain infrastructure, rejoin the international economic community, and improve the general welfare of all Iraqis."

Progress is being made and more progress will follow, but it will take time. And, yes, American blood. But, also, American sweat and skills and compassion and attitude and desire to see that freedom is sown throughout the country and region. Iraqis are joining in growing numbers with a can-do spirit inherent in all freedom loving people. Iraq, America, Britain, and all the members of the Coalition are delivering freedom and liberty where a few years ago there was none.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - Yanks&Brits, They All Look Alike

Decrying the fact that thousands of American soldiers would not be home for the Thanksgiving holiday, put out a TV video. The TV spot showed soldiers standing in a chow line receiving the daily military fare rather than the turkey dinner with all the trimmings that was provided most of the American soldiers, if not all.

The problem with the video is that these are not American soldiers. They are British. How can anyone take seriously when they don't know what an American soldier looks like? What a bunch of maroons!

P.S. A great big THANK YOU goes out to our British friends. Your stalwart spirit has once agian shown through the blood, sweat, and tears of the cruelties of war to show there is a better way. Freedom is that better way.

(Hat tip to dcat for the oversight.)

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Intergalactic War Bush's Fault, Claims Canadian

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense from 1963-67 under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prime Minister Lester Pearson and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has said in public, "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head." Promoting the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative (relations with ETs --extraterrestrials, presumably intelligent beings from beyond Earth), Hellyer and three non-governmental organizations claim ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations may now be visiting Earth.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, a graduate of Yale Law School, the founding father of exopolitics, a futurist at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) claims, "because their physical appearance is so similar to humans on Earth, some Martians have already migrated to villages in South America...Humans from Mars seem to be genetically related to humans on Earth."

In a speech at the University of Toronto, September 25, 2005, Hellyer told the audience, "The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning." He stated, "The Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide." Further Hellyer said, "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something." Hellyer's remarks were met with a standing ovation from the august body.

The International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) based in Vancouver, B.C., who also led a 1977 White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study for former President Jimmy Carter has requested the Canadian Parliament to schedule formal hearings in the matter. It should be recalled that Jimmy Carter reported a UFO close encounter of the first kind in 1969. While serving as President, the fishing Carter was attacked by a killer rabbit.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, in a speech to the UN general Assembly, Sep22, 2004, claimed, "Space is our final frontier." He was referring to
Captain James T. Kirk (played by a Canadian) of the Starship Enterprise and her crew, who, on a five year mission, explored strange new worlds, sought out new life and new civilizations, and boldly went where no man had gone before, in making his claim to the final frontier. The Honorable Mr. Martin should be reminded that Starfleet Headquarters is in San Francisco, USA. Captain Kirk was from Ohio, he only worked in space.

This is all nonsense. If the Canadian Parliament would just sit down with level heads and review the facts as we know them, they will find that the Galactic War was started by the Romulans and Klingons. Don't try to pin it on President Bush.

The truly sad (and frightening) part here is not that the University of Toronto lent support to the NGOs and Mr. Hellyer as allowing the use of the facilities because honoring different points of view is part of the mission of universities. No, the sad part is that educated men and women in positions of power and influence believe the rantings of New Age Railian nut jobs. These are men and women in leadership positions of our governments who take our tax monies and use them to fund studies into Exopolitics with space aliens from Mars living in South America. Is there not enough terrorism in Heaven and Earth to worry about without adding ET terror to our list of fears?

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Two cheetah cubs have been RESCUED! US troops and an Ethiopian veterinarian went to the village where the cubs were being abused and took custody of the brother and sister cheetahs. They were then flown to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa for treatment.

The plight of the two defenseless cubs was written about around the world, including our very own Mike's America. Today the story has a happy far. The female cub has an eye infection from the injury suffered when one of the poachers that killed the mother kicked her in the face.

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals and can run at speeds upwards of 70 mph for short distances. The greater speed came with sacrifices, though. "With its weak jaws and small teeth, the price it paid for speed, it cannot fight larger predators to protect its kill or young," according to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. But not even cheetahs can outrun the evils of man. It is doubtful these two cubs will ever live the life of cheetahs in the wild, but we hope they live without abuse and fear as all children should.

Terrorism takes many forms and when US Soldiers of our Counterterrorism Task Forces discover it they stamp it out quickly. In this case, the victims were not of the human variety, but they needed help and they got it without hesitation. That is the kind of response I expect from my fellow Americans. Whether people in need or animals in need, America is there to give aid and comfort.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.