Saturday, November 12, 2005

What Do You Eat?

The Dongs
Beijing, China
One week's food cost: 1,233.76 yuan/$155.06 USD

The Melanders
Bargteheide, Germany
One week's food cost: 375.39 euros/$500.07

The Revises
North Carolina, USA
One week's food cost: $341.98

The Aboubakars
Breidjing Refugee Camp, Chad
One week's food cost: 685 CFA francs/$1.23
Market value if purchased locally: $24.37

Photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D'Aluisio have created a new book, Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, asking how increased affluence, migration, and globalization have influenced the eating habits of families around the world. Menzel photographs several families each with a weeks worth of groceries common to their regions. D'Aluisio interviews the families, records their food shopping habits along with a detailed list of all the food and total cost.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Can't Imagine How We Missed the Point

The horror of terrorism visited Hollywood today when Mustafa al-Akkad was seriously injured at the Radisson Hotel in Amman, Jordan. His daughter was killed in the terrorist attack that killed nearly 60 people in suicide bombings at three hotels.

Syrian born Mustafa al-Akkad is best known for the "Halloween" horror movie series. His most memorable movie in the Muslim world is "The Message", the story of Muhammad. Patricia Akkad, the wife of Mustafa, told a Los Angeles television reporter, " Forty years ago, [Mustafa] told me he wanted to bring to the Western world the story of Islam and how it is a religion of peace. But, that point hasn't been made."

Huh...imagine that.

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Muslims killing Muslims

By now, we have all heard the story of groom al-Akhras and bride Nadia Alami who were being married at the Amman, Jordan Radisson Hotel. The fathers of the newlyweds were both killed in the suicide bombing that killed 10 other family members. This was a horrible event and my sympathies go with the families.

"This is not Islam," al-Akhras said according to CNN.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Is it possible that Arabs are killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims? For what did they do that?" screamed 35-year-old Najah Akhras, who lost two nieces in the attack.

"This is not Islam...Is it possible that Arabs are killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims?" I'm sorry, but, are they serious? Have they been paying any attention whatsoever to the past 1700 years? Or even just the last 30 to 40 years?

The Saudi family security forces of the Wahhabi sect have killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims during the past several decades. Okay, they were only Shi'ites, but they were Muslims nonetheless.

The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist umbrella group of terrorists, has waged a 10 year war against the Algerian government. The terrible slaughter of Muslims by Muslims has claimed 200,000 lives and left 1,000,000 homeless.

Yasser Arafat (he is still dead) and his PLO/PLA killed more Palestinian Muslims since 1963 than Israel has has killed since 1948.

In neighboring Lebanon, Syria's Hafez and Bashir Assad killed tens of thousands of Lebanese Muslims during the 1975 - 2005 Syrian occupation. The occupation ended after the Syrian intelligence services killed the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafic Hariri.

Over the course of his 32 year reign, Saddam Hussein killed more Muslims than any other Muslim or non-Muslim leader in the history of the Religion of Peace. Killing fellow Muslims at an average of 3,125 per month, Saddam managed to rub out 1,200,000 Muslim lives including thousands of children who starved to death in the cities and villages of Iraq.

The killing continues in Darfur, Sudan where Black African Muslims and Christian Arabs have been the target of the Muslim government in Khartoum and their mounted militia, the Janjaweed (men with guns.) Sudanese Arab Muslims have left almost 2,000,000 other Muslims dead.

Let's not forget the thousands of Muslims killed by Muslims in the terror attacks around the world and those killed everyday in Iraq by car bombs, beheadings, and execution style shootings.

Is it possible that Arabs are killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims? Yes, it is.

The Religion of Peace
Front Page Magazine

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Hey, where are my bags?

"Iraqi plane lands in Iran after 25 years"

Now, that's the best headline I've seen in a very long time. Headline writing is a lost art, I'm afraid.
You're probably asking how the Iraqi plane remained aloft for such a long time. Wouldn't they run out of fuel? No! The pilot switched off the engines -- DUH!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Did Al-Qaida Terrorists Cross US-Mexico Border?

At a press conference today, Rep. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.) disclosed that three al-Qaida members were arrested on the US-Mexico border recently.

"Our main concern is, who's in our state? I mean this is a critical issue today. I mean they just arrested down on the border, what a couple of weeks ago, three al Qaeda members who came across from Mexico into the United States. I mean that's a given fact. They were holding them in the jail down there."

Hugh Hewitt, on his radio show and blog, has raised the question of whether this is "a blockbuster story, or a complete urban myth."

I have contacted Rep. Myrick by e-mail asking if the story is true and for more info:

"A t the True ID press conference today (11/9/05) Rep. Myrick said, "...three al Qaeda members who came across from Mexico into the United States. I mean that's a given fact. They were holding them in the jail down there."

What is the source of this information?

If it's a "given fact" and available for dissemination at a press conference, what are the specifics of the case?

Who are the 3 al-Qaida suspects?

Where are they being held?

Where, when, and how did they cross the border?

How were they discovered and captured?

Who made the arrests?

What is the government doing to ascertain their purpose in the US?

Are there any more known suspects in the US?

I write a blog Further Adventures of Indigo Red ( I am posting the press conference comments and would appreciate any clarification.

Thank you."

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Riot Fatwa

A formal fatwa against Muslims taking part in rioting was issued Nov. 6th by the Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF). This is a welcome act by the Muslim leadership to quell the violence. Any good fatwa will allow for righteous action.

Read the fatwa excerpts below and see if you can pick out the exemptions. Good luck.

"It is formally forbidden to any Muslim seeking divine grace and satisfaction to participate in any action that blindly hits private or public property or could constitute an attack on someone's life...Contributing to such exactions is an illicit act," this fatwa applies to "any Muslim living in France, whether a citizen or a guest of France."

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Terror Threat Down Under, Part II

In a previous post, Terror Threat Down Under, the Australian government issued a warning of a terrorist attack in the making. Many charged Prime Minister Howard of fear mongering for an attempt to pass new legislation giving the government wider powers to fight terror on the continent nation.

It turns out there was, indeed, a terror plot underway involving Muslims living in Australia. The emergency convening of the Senate to pass the anti-terror legislation made possible the raids that began at about 2AM and continued through the day. The terrorists formed a group to wage "holy war" against Australians a court in Melbourne was told. The terror concept was one which was to rival the attacks in Madrid and London. One of the terror group was Abdul Nacer Benbrika, a.k.a. Abu Bakr, a radical Islamic cleric and a supporter of Osama bin Laden. Benbrika was named as the group leader.

Raids in Melbourne and Sydney netted 17 terrorists of the Islamic religion of peace. A combined force of 500 Australian Federal Police, New South Wales and Victoria State Police. Security officials say the group was stockpiling chemicals that could be used in the manufacture of explosives.

What is known now:

Seventeen people have been arrested - nine in Melbourne and eight in Sydney;

Some 400 officers were involved, including AFP agents and members of the state police forces in New South Wales and Victoria;

Senior police say the operation disrupted plans for a major terrorist attack in Australia;

The suspects are expected to appear in courts in Melbourne and Sydney this morning;

In Melbourne, the addresses of the raids were in Preston, Dallas, Hoppers Crossing, Fawkner, Hadfield, Coburg, Yarraville and Meadow Heights;

In Sydney, raids were reportedly conducted on 20 properties in three suburbs, including Wiley Park.

The previous day, Iranian Sheik Mansour Leghaei, a Muslim holyman, faces deportation from Australia. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation named the cleric a security risk and recommended his expulsion. The 43 year old father of four was denied permanent residency when the ASIO made an adverse security assesment. The charges include "acts of foreign interference" which, under Aussie law, can mean spying on, or intimidating, dissidents, and secretly collecting official, military or political information for a foreign government.

Mr Leghaei, a 43-year-old father of four who has lived in Australia for a decade, was automatically denied a permanent residency visa after ASIO issued an adverse security assessment, alleging he had been involved in "acts of foreign interference".Under Australian law, this can mean spying on, or intimidating, dissidents, and secretly collecting official, military or political information for a foreign government.

The Islamic fundamentalists have opened a multi-front war with undefined lines. In doing so, they are attempting to spread the Crusaders thinly across the planet. But in order for them to destroy the infidel powers, they must come to the infidel. And that is where they will meet their poseur demon god.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Widening War

What can I say? I have been searching for something to say about the Muslim attacks in France and now Denmark. I have read my newspaper and on-line news sources, I have read the blogs and analysis, I have listened to the radio and watched TV, and I still cannot find the words to describe the sense of loss I have. I have two nieces living in Brittany and I fear for their safety.

I want to tell France, "We told you so!" But, this is France, for God's sake! Sure we put down France and the French, but we still know where we came from. It isn't the French people we snicker at as much as it is the French government. So many of the French citizenry want the Muslims gone. Why would anyone believe that, after collaborating with the Third Reich to remove the hated Jews from France, the French would want to replace the Jews with Muslims?

I have been to Paris and I fear for the Louvre and the Musee de l'Orangeries des Tuileries, the impressionist paintings, the sculptures, the priceless artifacts of Western Civilizations, of Man's great achievements. The Mona Lisa is there and Leonardo's great painting will be destroyed by Muslims. Winged Victory greets visitors to the Louvre and it will be destroyed by Muslims. Musee Picasso, obviously, will be burned to the ground. Muslims do not give a flying French sou for the accomplishments of a civilization far superior to any of Islamic origin.

Sure, the Muslims leaders assure us they love all the art as much as the next guy, but everywhere they go, everywhere Muslims have become the majority, the wholesale annihilation of cultural heritage begins. Muslims have been, are, and always will be liars and destroyers. Remember Babayon in Afghanistan? Rememberer the two giant statues of the Buddha blown to smithereens because they were not Islamic? Remember the destruction in the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities after the fall of Baghdad? The pre-Islamic art was destroyed by fundamentalist Muslims because Al'lah disapproves of representations of the human form. Remember the guy who smashed Michelangelo's 'PIETA' with a hammer in the Vatican in the 1980s? The attacker was Muslim. Or the guy who slashed a religious painting - that's right - a Muslim. Muslims are not our friends and never will be so long as they cling to the backward rantings of a 7th century lunatic.

Into the 10th day of the Muslim attack on France, the war has also spread to Denmark. Very little has been reported on this battle front even in Copenhagen. This is what the Copenhagen Post wrote about it on Nov 3rd: "A housing association in the city of Århus has promised a DKK 10,000 bounty to whomever can give information that leads to the arrests of arsonists who have been burning down businesses in the city. A fast food restaurant was set on fire on Saturday, and the day after a childcare centre was burned to the ground. The arson has been blamed on youth gangs that have been terrorising the neighbourhood in recent days."

Everywhere, "youths" are burning and destroying in spontaneous acts of unemployment induced boredom. In one report I read chronicling a day in the life of the rioting Muslim scum, a Muslim punk slept through the day in his government subsidized apartment, playing Nintendo video games purchased with government supplied welfare money, and visited with his girlfriend (no doubt also government supplied.) In the evening, right after dinner, he went out to the streets to beleaguer the cops. All in a days fun.

"He calls himself 100 percent Palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon 19 years ago, and now unemployed in Denmark." The blogger fjordman posts, "The police have to stay away. This is our area. We decide what goes down here". And then the story of the drawings of the Prophet Muhammed comes around: We are tired of what we see happening to our Prophet. We are tired of Jyllands-Posten. I know it isn't you, but we won't accept what Jyllands-Posten has done to the Prophet", he says aggressively, and the others nod approvingly. Two of them are Turks, and it is the first time that Turks and Palestinians have acted together, the 19-year-old says. "We have planned this for three weeks. That is why only two were arrested Saturday night. The police will cordon it all off. But we know the ways out", he claims, and then disappears, munching on a piece of pizza from Fun Pizza. The pizzeria windows are held together by adhesive tape after attacks with cobblestones."

The Jyllands-Posten today headlines,Terror suspects frequented same mosque. "Most of the youngsters arrested last week for organising terrorist activities in Denmark, attended the same mosque in Copenhagen's Nørrebro district, daily newspaper Information reported on Wednesday.
" The six young people were burdened by a colossal hatred towards society, leaders of the mosque, The Islamic Congregation, told the newspaper.
'They were popular, polite, and good students, but they harboured an enormous anger towards Danish society. Their fury grew stronger and made them introverted,' said Abu Laban, the mosque's imam, of the six 16-20-year-olds."

In Denmark, Viking-Observer has provided a list of those arrested so far. All of the terror scum are Muslims who attended the same Mosque. V-O has much more news about the situation in his neighborhood so try to keep up with him.

Late last summer, we were told by Islamic leaders that their attacks would move on to France, Germany, Italy, and the rest of Europe by the end of Ramadan. Only Italy took the news seriously. France and Denmark have been attacked. The attacks in France have stretched to the German border and soon will cross that border. For those who think the neo-Nazis and other nationalist groups of Germany will rise against them you would be wrong. In the past several months Muslim Fundamentalists and neo-Nazis have forged bonds based on mutual Jew hatred and the desire for large amounts of cash. Europeans are going to do what they have always done and just hope it all goes away.

Well, they will be right, but not as they expect. It will all go away - the Europe of culture, art, science, history, Western Civilization - gone. Call it World War III, or World War IV, or even Armageddon, but it has begun and all we can do now is praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

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