Saturday, October 15, 2005

3000 Blog Visitors

Today marks a blogging milestone for me and Further Adventures of Indigo Red. I have passed the the 3000 visitor barrier. The 3000th visitor was none other the (in)famous dcat of Razor Sharp Claws. Thanks dcat.

This is only appropriate since it was dcat that convinced me to give blogging a try. I have found this exercise to be one of the most rewarding of my life. Sometimes it is so very hard, but the words always come.

As I write this, the counter has recorded 3005 visits since June 5, 2005. The number of terrorist attacks today stands at 3085 since September 11, 2000. It is my short term goal to surpass the terrorist attacks in number of visitors before the end of the year. They have had a large headstart, but I am gaining on them.

Now, this may seem like a small potatoes goal, I know. But, it's a goal and goals are good to have as they provide something to live for. Besides, I like small potatoes, especially the tiny Dutch white potatoes and Russian finger potatoes. The little red skinned potats are pretty good, too. I once raised potatoes in a container on my patio. Fresh from the ground potats can't be beat. Actually, they can, but then they are called mashed potatoes.

Thanks again to dcat and to all of you who, for some odd reason (personally, I believe it to be an unfortunate genetic mutation,) come back time and again to read Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Good and Bad Staging


NBC's TODAY SHOW thrills it's audience with a dazzling display of a staged event for the public good. Before the Holy Men walked on water, the viewers were led to believe the water was very deep. You may deduce the true depth for yourself.


In another heinous act of public deception, the President of the United States of America, George Bush, attempted to hoodwink the the American public, nay, the World public, with a scripted (GASP!) interview involving US soldiers in Iraq. The evil nature of this man knows no bounds.


Let me introduce an Iraqi citizen murdered and buried in a mass grave under the enlightened and benevolent reign if Saddam Hussein. This citizen, and hundreds of thousands of others, enjoyed the right to votein staged elections for only one candidate at bayonet point. If an error in voting was made, the entire family had the privilege to be murdered by the official state death squads.


Here we see an Iraqi woman shortly after a biologically staged birth to a freeborn citizen in Najaf, voting in the Constitutional Referendum. How dare this woman exercise her democratic and human right of suffrage. Surely she must know she is just playing into the hands of the Great Satan, George Bush and Western Civilization. She is betraying the heritage of the male dominated, violent word of Islam which benignly protects her and her child from the wonders and conveniences of the modern world under the threat of death most cruel.

On a slighthly different, uscripted, and unstaged note, Frank Sinatra (not an impersonator) sings his intentions concerning Strangers on My Flight .

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Bird Flu Cure

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Euthanasia in New Orleans Hospital

For the past month, since September 12, I have held on to a story that shocked me when I first read it. At the time, corroborating evidence was not available, only the retelling of the original story that appeared in the Daily Mail of London. With all of the bogus stories coming out of New Orleans and broadcast as fact by the MSM, I chose not to blog on the subject. Today CNN and World Net Daily have revealed the Louisiana Attorney General is investigating stories of euthanasia during Hurricane Katrina.

Doctors, desperate to provide appropriate care to dying patients with dwindling resources, resorted to injecting patients with lethal doses of morphine. Unable to evacuate the patients during the hurricane nor in the aftermath of the levee break when the hospital flooded, physicians and staff triaged the patients into three groups. "We divided patients into three categories - those who were traumatized but medically fit enough to survive, those who needed urgent care, and the dying." William "Forest" McQueen, an emergency official who spoke on the record, , told relatives that patients had been "put down," saying medical personnel "injected them, but nurses stayed with them until they died."

One doctor said, "I didn't know if I was doing the right thing. But I did not have time. I had to make snap decisions, under the most appalling circumstances, and I did what I thought was right. I injected morphine into those patients who were dying and in agony. If the first dose was not enough, I gave a double dose. And at night I prayed to God to have mercy on my soul.

"This was not murder. This was compassion. I had cancer patients who were in agony."

"It came down to giving people the basic human right to die with dignity,"
said the doctor. "You have to understand, these people were going to die anyway."

I will not pass judgment on the individuals who gave the euthanasia order or those who took part. However, it disturbs me that those charged with the saving of life can, in a matter of hours, choose to take life and justify the act by appealing the action to compassion, the right to die with dignity, and finally, they "were going to die anyway."

The choice for death is becoming increasingly preferable to that of life. Being "put down" is accepted as "death with dignity" and in terminology equating human life with that of out beloved pets. My parents never considered putting me down, just as we did not put down our dog or cat - we allowed our pets to live their lives to the end as nature decreed. Euthanizing without the patient's knowledge and consent is essentially murder, the extant situation being only a mitigating factor. In the early 20th Century, an entire philosophy of medical care was devoted to "life unworthy of life." The result was the Third Reich, the killing of the mentally retarded, physically handicapped, culminating in the murder of 5 million Jews and 1 million assorted others. The situation then was a mitigating factor that did not excuse the killing nor make it right. The circumstances in New Orleans is for us, the living rather, to discuss, debate, and decide.

Now, I'm not equating the New Orleans Physicians with Nazi Doctors. But, not so long ago, I would and did trust my life to the practitcioners of the healing arts. I was born with a broken body. My parents were told I would never walk, sit-up, and would never have anything resembling a normal life. Mine was a life unworthy of life and in an earlier time, a more logically barbaric time, I would have been terminated in an act of compassion, helped to die with dignity, and... well, I was going to die anyway.

Compassion and dignity had different meanings back then shortly after the end of WWII. Compassion and dignity had to do with life not death, any amount of money was expended in pursuit of the life possible. Defeat and surrender just were not acceptable. Trying was the rule of the day -- if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Today, I no longer trust physicians and nurses so freely with my life. At any moment in an emergency, a crisis, a doctor's bad hair day a patient may be "put down". When the situation is too difficult, the decision to end life in a dignified manner is so much easier and cheaper. It's all too hard -- life is to hard, trying is too hard, succeeding is too hard. Compassionate death and an apology are so much easier.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

SAVE THE CHILDREN - from Madonna

"TV is trash. I was raised without it. We don't have magazines or newspapers in the house either."

So says Madonna, the Original Material Girl replica, and we all know how she turned out.

Let that be a lesson to us all -- run, don't walk, to your nearest entertainment equipment center and buy as many televisions as you can afford. We must keep our children safe.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Who are the world's happiest people?

30,000 people in 30 countries answered happiness questions posed by GfK NOP, a market research company. Australia was the most cheerful nation, with 46% of the population saying they were very happy. 40% of Americans saying they are happy claim the second spot. Egyptians are the third jolliest folks on the planet and those wacky Indians are number four. The United Kingdom and Canada share the fifth happiest spot. Dead last as the least cheerful, but #1 amongst the morose, are the Hungarians.

One in three Britons is "very happy" with the quality of life in London (two in three think the quality of life in London sucks) and "just 7% are disappointed with how their lives have turned out." Additionally, the survey found that even though 33% to 46% of people in the 5 happiest countries say they are very happy, people "in their 50s were the most downbeat, regardless of which country they were from."

Lord Layard, founder-director of the LSE Centre for Economic Perfomance, reveals in a totally different survey, that Brits are happiest at 10 PM and least happy at 8 AM. Layard also suggests a few policy measures intended both to encourage happiness and reduce unhappiness such as encouraging unemployed people to work rather than draw unemployment benefits, providing widely available mental-health services, and taxing rich people at higher levels to reduce envy among the middle-income. (OK, he gets two out of three right.) Though Layard suggests that even though money can't buy happiness the magic number $15,000 per year keeps a heap of unhappy from ones doorstep.

On the flip side of happy, media heiress Patty Hearst has a message for folks worried about terrorist attacks: Stop wringing your hands, people!

"I was kidnapped by terrorists. It's not like I'm numb to this and think it can't happen. But get real!" Hearst admonished. "There's so much weeping and wailing and memorializing, my feeling is it'd be a lot healthier if people didn't externalize so much and kind of bucked up a little bit."

The Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped media heiress Patricia Hearst, in 1974. She fell in with her kidnappers taking part in bank robberies and shootouts. She was arrested, tried, and sentenced to 21 years in prison. Hearst was later pardoned by President Clinton.

Having survived to 51, Hearst says, "We are a nation with the most frightened people on the planet. People who come over here just laugh at us." The tabloid celebrity culture "has reached a ludicrous level," she added. "How many times can you look up someone's skirt and think it's fascinating?"

If it weren't for the terror factor, we Yanks would have easily creamed the Aussies as the happiest people on earth. Hell, we have the happiest place on earth, it would only be reasonable. And with fellow citizen comedians like Patty, how could we not be happy?

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bill Clinton: Which Lies Are True?

Bill Clinton is either not telling the truth now about the terrorist threat posed by Iraq during his administration, or he lied, lied, lied to the American people while he was in the White House. Clinton recently told George Stephanopoulos (former Clinton staffer and current ABC TV hack) that the US government had "no evidence that there were any weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq.

The Weekly Standard recently ran a story, "Clinton Revisionism", revealing Clinton's reversals over the issue of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. During an appearance on "Larry King Live" in July 2003 for instance, the former president said, "When I left office, there was a substantial amount of biological and chemical material unaccounted for." In October of that year, six months after the end of the war, Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso discussed Iraq with Clinton. Barroso said, "When Clinton was here recently he told me he was absolutely convinced, given his years in the White House and the access to privileged information which he had, that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction until the end of the Saddam regime."

When Wolf Blitzer discussed the Iraq War with Bill Clinton in September 2005, the former President said, "I never thought it had much to do with the war on terror." However, while still President in February 1998, Clinton said in a speech warning of an "unholy axis" (GW Bush called it an "evil axis") of terrorists and rogue states, "There is no more clear example of this threat than Saddam Hussein's Iraq." That summer six senior Clinton officials accused Iraq of providing chemical weapons expertise to al-Qaida in Sudan. The Clinton administration cited this link to justify the destruction of a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan supposedly involved in the production of chemical weapons. The Standard concludes, "Clinton's revisionism is hardly surprising. He has his wife's future in an increasingly anti-war Democratic Party to worry about."

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.