Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kiwi's Voted Today

For the past twenty years , New Zealand has been a nuclear free zone. That may change today as New Zealand's electorate went to the polls. The election could redefine the nuclear weapons policy and the NZ/US relationship.

Don Brash, an economist, Central Bank Governor, and National Party leader says he is prepared to dismantle the nuclear-free laws in favor of free-trade laws after seeking approval in today's referendum. This will be a major shift in NZ foreign policy.

New Zealand has recently experienced Muslim extremist activities. Until now, New Zealand has been relatively insulated from the horrors of the world. With the experience of NZ and other farflung countries, we are all seeing quite plainly the overarching desire of Islam to rule the planet.

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Christian Terrorists

The Bali bomber was sentenced to two years in prison for the death, mayhem, and destruction he created.

These three hardened criminals have been sentenced by an Indonesian Court (Indonesia has the largest Muslim population) to prison for three years each. The three women were found guilty of teaching Sunday School at a Christian Church meeting.

Here are the true martyrs. Islam is the religion of peace in a pigs eye!

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Guest Blogger

Today, I have a very special treat for you. Dr. Governor Howard Dean, M.D. , Howlin' Howie, is my guest blogger. I assure you, this is no joke. Four years and three months ago, I was lost in the darkness known as the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, the Party hasn't figured out I'm no longer a fellow traveler and continue sending their -- literature.

So, take it away, Howie...

Dear [Indigo Red],

I've been watching Supreme Court nominee John Roberts artfully dodge question after question during his confirmation hearings. And I've read the limited documents the White House released about his work in the Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations -- though we are still waiting for answers for the over 100,000 Americans who submitted Freedom of Information Act requests for key documents.

But we know enough to see a pattern -- and I've made up my mind about John Roberts. He's the wrong man at the wrong time for our country -- a trait that he shares with much of the republican leadership, including the president who nominated him.

I've written an op-ed that will appear in newspapers across the country tomorrow (you can get a preview at the bottom of this message). But I am just one voice -- your community needs to hear from you. By filling local papers with letters to editors, Americans watching this process unfold will understand that we have a different vision for the court and a different vision for our country.

Join me on editorial pages across America by writing a letter to the editor -- with our new online tool and talking points, you can write and submit your letter in minutes:

John Roberts may have a sharp legal mind, but his record shows that he lacks a sense of justice.
The skills John Roberts displays are like those of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove or House Republican Leader Tom DeLay. Both of those men have sharp political minds -- they are among the smartest in Washington. But they use those skills to push a narrow ideology and win at any cost. Roberts has spent a career using the law to protect corporate interests and roll back the rights that protect us all.

Roberts, Rove, DeLay and the rest of the extremist Republican leadership all have the same problem. They abuse their power by pursuing ideological crusades -- and they ignore the real problems we face as a country and as a community.

Thousands of letters appearing in papers across the country will reach every American with our message -- that the time for narrow ideology and protecting the rights of only a few is over. Write a letter to the editor now:

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous response, we have seen the consequences of government by ideologues and political cronies. We have also seen the stark reality of American life that people like Roberts, Rove and DeLay either don't understand or choose to ignore -- that inequalities still persist to this day.

Our rights -- and the rights of the most vulnerable in our society -- are in danger. They are in danger from those who actively seek to roll them back, and they are in danger from those in positions of leadership who don't understand how important it is to protect the rights of every American.

The ultimate battleground for justice, fairness and opportunity in America has always been the Supreme Court. Justices have the power to use the law to hold America back, and they have the power to use the law to hold America to the high moral standards we set for ourselves.

Let's make sure that Americans open their newspapers and understand the stakes:

Thank you.

Governor Howard Dean, MAYA

P.S. -- You can get a sneak preview of my op-ed before it appears in papers across the country:

I get many e-mail and snail mail from the liberal left leaners, Dem Party, President Clinton and Carter, ACLU, Sierra Club, MoveOn.Org, and others. Once, I wanted them to stop, but not now. This stuff provides oodles of fun.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Plan for Nuevo New Orleans

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

Tonight President Bush gave a shirtsleeve, open collar, no tie speech from New Orleans concerning the future of the city and its citizens. According to the plan, WE, the people, will rebuild New Orleans. WE, the people, will build the first century 21 city, Nuevo New Orleans.

The president called upon Congress to pass a plan quickly to provide federal publicly owned land to be given away free through a lottery. For this free public land, the winners must promise to build a home with more free government aid. "Homeownership," said President Bush, "is one of the great strengths of any community, and it must be a central part of our vision for the renewal." Also to be created is a "Worker Recovery Accounts" program for the evacuees to use for child care, education, and job training. The accounts would be funded with up to $5000 of taxpayer money per evacuee who requests aid.

I am so glad we have a conservative Republican President, otherwise, I might think this was just another liberal Democrat give-away program bound to fail miserably.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I received this in the mail today. The words in red italics are directly from the letter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the words in parenthesis are mine, and the words in green are links. The letter reads:

Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

Dear ACLU Member,

There are a number of reasons why I have grown increasingly concerned as weeks, and now months, have passed without hearing from you about renewing your ACLU membership. (I was a member years ago when I was stupid. )

But there is one particular freedom requiring a staunch defense that we can't provide without your help: religious freedom. (The ACLU has been the leading proponent for the removal of CHRISTIAN/JEWISH religions, but not Islam from American public life. The ACLU actually is working to supplant our Judeo/Christian heritage with Islam by forcing our schools - elementary through university - to adopt textbooks showing Islam in the most positive light while exhibiting Christianity and Western civilization in the most negative light possible.)

Religious extremists have been chipping away at religious liberty in America for years. Now, in collaboration with elected officials at the highest levels of government and their sights set on transforming our country from a constitutional democracy to a theocracy, they are taking aim at the First Amendment's free exercise and establishment clause. (The ACLU has successfully forced the city of Los Angeles to remove the Christian cross from the City Seal, the removal of the Ten Commandments from Court rooms across the country, and banned Christian clubs from university campuses. Our country is not now, nor has it ever been a "constitutional democracy"; it is and always has been a Constitutional Republic. The establishment clause forbids the government from enacting a Religion of State as the Anglican Church is in England. But, neither does the establishment clause allow the government to hinder the free expression of religion as a national interpretation of faith; government was intended to be neutral in religious affairs unless a religion became a danger to individuals or society at large.)

Their goal: infusing every aspect of our government - and our lives - with THEIR religious doctrine. (As opposed to the ACLU religious doctrine. See my previous post Atheism is Religion.)

Civil libertarians know the ACLU stands as a vital, and often last, line of defense against attempts to tear down the wall of separation between church and state. It's a fight we are willing to take on. ... With the religious freedom of everyone in our country at stake, we must win. (The "wall of separation" does not exist in the Constitution, the Declaration, or any of the founding documents of America, but rather in an answering letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists of Connecticut penned Jan 1, 1802. The Danbury letter and the Jefferson reply.) ... (Plea for funds here) ...

Adherence to First Amendment principles is what has made our country a safe haven for every religion by prohibiting the federal government from favoring one religion over another. But now we face a growing campaign to curtail religious liberty through federal legislation, executive orders and below-the-radar policy shifts. (As with most of the ACLU's arguments, this is also disingenuous. Only the Federal government was prohibited from establishing religion. The States, until recently, have been free to endorse or ban any religion as they saw fit. Allowing Mosques to announce prayer five times a day over loudspeakers, intruding across the religion boundaries of neighborhoods, in American cities with majority Christian populations hardly seems a curtailment of religious liberty. However, causing Christians to dismantle Christmas Nativity displays and Jews to remove Hannakah menorrah from Temple lawns which intrude only upon the sight lines of those who come near enough to see, in majority Christian cities does seem to be a curtailment of religious liberty and that is what the ACLU endorses.)

But the moral absolutists intent on seeing their religious beliefs become the law of the land continue to press ahead with their dangerous agenda. And they are determined to eliminate all obstacles that stand in their way, including an independent judiciary and the Constitution's system of checks and balances. "Court stripping" bills now being debated in Congress would prevent all federal courts from hearing challenges to laws involving school prayer, government displays of the Ten Commandments, or the legality of including "God " in the Pledge of allegiance. (This entire paragraph is complete nonsense. The only group here intent on seeing their dangerous agenda become the law of the land is the ACLU. Through the efforts of the left to politicize the judiciary, the court system has become less independent and far more activist, creating laws without the consent of Congress, the President, or the people. Because religion is not a government agency, it is not part of the system of checks and balances the Founders designed into the Constitution, believing "the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions..." - Jefferson's Danbury letter. The bills being debated in Congress are intended to reign-in the innumerable court cases brought by the ACLU and others, time and time again challenging the will of the people with cases that have been heard countless times the judgments of which the ACLU and the left are unwilling to accept. If they cannot get the desired judgment in one court, they move on to the next until a willing fellow traveler judge is found. ) ... (The closing plea for funds) ...

Needless to say, I will not be sending money the the American Civil Liberties Union. I believe I will respond to the other letter received today - the NRA membership renewal.

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Barely 12 hours after the above was posted, The Pledge of Allegiance has been declared unconstitutional by US District Judge Lawrence Karlton in a case brought (again) by Michael Newdow, the atheist who didn't like the decisions of the last several judges who heard his case.

"A federal judge declared the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools unconstitutional Wednesday in a case brought by the same atheist whose previous battle against the words "under God" was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court on procedural grounds.
U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton ruled that the pledge's reference to one nation "under God" violates school children's right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God."
Karlton said he was bound by precedent of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which in 2002 ruled in favor of Sacramento atheist Michael Newdow that the pledge is unconstitutional when recited in public schools.
The Supreme Court dismissed the case last year, saying Newdow lacked standing because he did not have custody of his elementary school daughter he sued on behalf of.
Newdow, an attorney and a medical doctor, filed an identical case on behalf of three unnamed parents and their children. Karlton said those families have the right to sue.
Karlton, ruling in Sacramento, said he would sign a restraining order preventing the recitation of the pledge at the Elk Grove Unified, Rio Linda and Elverta Joint Elementary school districts, where the plaintiffs' children attend.
The decision sets up another showdown over the pledge in schools, at a time when the makeup of the Supreme Court is in flux.
Wednesday's ruling comes as Supreme Court nominee John Roberts faces day three of his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He would succeed the late William H. Rehnquist as chief justice.
Sandra Day O'Connor stepped down unexpectedly from the Supreme Court in July.
The Becket Fund, a religious rights group that is a party to the case, said it would immediately appeal the case to the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. If the court does not change its precedent, the group would go to the Supreme Court.
"It's a way to get this issue to the Supreme Court for a final decision to be made," said fund attorney Jared Leland.
Newdow, reached at his home, was not immediately prepared to comment. "

Breit Bart

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Strategy

Four days before the invasion of Afghanistan by the US and Coalition troops, just 22 days after the 9/11/01 al-Qaida attacks on the US, Osama bin Laden on October 3rd, 2001 sent a letter to Taliban leader Mullah Omar (as published in the Atlantic):

"Keep in mind that America is currently facing two contradictory problems:

1. If it refrains from responding to jihad operations, its prestige willcollapse, thus forcing it to withdraw its troops abroad and restrict itself to U.S. internal affairs. This will transform it from a major power to a third-rate power, similar to Russia.

2. On the other hand, a campaign against Afghanistan will impose great long-term economic burdens, leading to further economic collapse, which will force America, God willing, to resort to the former Soviet Union's only option: withdrawal from Afghanistan, disintegration, and contraction.

Thus our plan in the face of this campaign should focus on the following:

1. Serving a blow to the American economy, which will lead to:

a. Further weakening of the American economy shaking the confidence in the American economy.

b. This will lead investors to refrain from investing in America or participating in American companies, thus accelerating the fall of the American economy ...

2. Conduct a media campaign to fight the enemy's publicity. The campaign should focus on the following important points:

a. Attempt to cause a rift between the American people and their government, by
demonstrating the following to Americans:

i. That the U.S. government will lead them into further losses of money and lives.
ii. That the government is sacrificing the people to serve the interests of the rich, particularly the Jews.
iii. That the government is leading them to the war front to protect Israel and its security.
iv. America should withdraw from the current battle between Muslims and Jews.

b. This plan aims to create pressure from the American people on their government to stop its campaign against Afghanistan, on the grounds that the campaign will cause major losses to the American people.

3. Imply that the campaign against Afghanistan will be responded to with revenge blows against America. "

Though this strategy letter refers specifically to Afghanistan, it is important to realize it can and does involve any place Islam meets Western infidels. In the totality of the war envisioned by al-Qaida and bin Ladin, Afghanistan is not a defeat, but rather a victory because they are tying up Western forces for the long term. These Western troops therefore cannot be used in other places - force the enemy to divide his forces, then destroy them piecemeal.

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The Master Plan

Al-Qaida has a master plan to take over the world and turn it into an Islamic state in 15 years, 2020 by Western reckoning of time.

Impossible? A pipedream of mammoth proportions? Not to al-Qaida, Osama bin Ladin, his followers, and millions of Muslims world wide. The plan, which was revealed for the first time a few months ago in the Australian publication The Age, has seven phases:

Phase 1: The "awakening" in the consciousness of Muslims around the world following the 9/11 attacks, which were aimed at provoking the U.S. into declaring war on the Islamic world and mobilizing Islamic radicals. (Done, although Western leaders have refrained from declaring war upon Islam and have vehemently denied the possibility.)

Phase 2: "Opening eyes," the current period, which should last until 2006. The terrorists hope to make the "Western conspiracy" aware of the "Islamic community" as al-Qaida continues to form its secret battalions. ( We are here.)

Phase 3: "Arising and standing up," which should last until 2010 and bring increasingly frequent attacks against secular Turkey and archenemy Israel. (Apparently to begin at Ramadan, October, 2005.)

Phase 4
: Lasting until 2013, this phase will see the fall of hated Arab regimes, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Oil suppliers will be attacked and the U.S. economy will be targeted with cyber terrorism. (Some ground work is already happening.)
Phase 5
: An Islamic state, or caliphate (the Islamic version of the second coming, headed by the Mahdi. The Mahdi is rumored to be OBL himself), can be declared between 2013 and 2016.

Phase 6: "Total confrontation," beginning in 2016, will see the Islamic army begin the "fight between the believers and the non-believers" that has been predicted by Osama bin Laden.

Phase 7: "Definitive victory."

The seventh phase should be completed by 2020. In that year, the caliphate will be victorious and will be an established fact, because the armies of 1.5 billion Muslims will have annihilated the armies of the infidels.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.