Saturday, June 25, 2005

Al-Jazeera Spycams

"Would we allow Japanese or German television to film the unsecured border during World War II?" asked Minuteman spokeswoman Connie Hair. "These people broadcast to the enemies of America. It's not a news story, it's recon."

That's exactly what al-Jazeera wants to do. They have contacted Chris Simcox of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps for interviews. Simcox has refused (duh!) any contact with the biased anti-American Arab "news" organization and al-Qaida mouthpiece.

Naisser Hssaini, an al-Jazeera reporter, is filming an hour long documentary on the lack of security along the southern US border with Mexico. There has been an alarming increase of OTM (Other Than Mexicans) apprehensions including Arabs, Muslims, and other Middle Easterners. Many of the apprehensions are nullified by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement "catch and release" policy because most of the individuals do not appear on any terrorist watch list.

(With all the aliases, alternative name spellings, and outright fraudulent ID papers how could we possibly know who is and isn't on any watch list? They have entered the US illegally, for criminy sakes. They should not be allowed in under any policy.)

The enemy film crew will probably be granted permission to film the border areas the Minutemen will be patrolling over the July 4th weekend. Most other news organs will be on the border filming. Unless the Justice Dept can link al-Jazeera directly to terrorist actions, it is impossible to deny accessibility just because we don't like them (DAMN the 1st Amendment!)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where Are You?

It is now the end of Thursday PST and out of nearly a dozen visitors today, Lani in SF was the only one to actually respond. Thank you, Lani.

I know there are readers in Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, Yukon Territory, Australia, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. I'm just wondering.

I have been writing FAIR for a very short time and was blown away by the first comments. Someone actually read my words! I continue to be amazed by the readership increases.

On June 5, I added SiteMeter because, well, frankly, everybody else had one...the 'me too' impulse. What I discovered was mind boggling. You folks are reading from all over the planet!

With curiosity piqued, if you would, please leave a comment telling me where you are. Personal names are not necessary, you can sign in as Anonymous; specific cities and towns are not necessary, just a country name will be enough. Of course, you are free to write anything you want, no rules here.

I am writing from and living in Southern California, USA. I am looking forward to finding out where you are.

Thank you all for reading.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Saddam Doesn't Like Froot Loops!

In GQ magazine on shelves June 28, five American National Guard soldiers tell their stories of guarding Saddam Hussein. According to the Drudge report, Saddam still believes he is the President of Iraq and will be returned to power. But more interesting are these tidbits:

· He is proud that his sons died for their country. (Made me happy.)

· While having little positive to say about either President George W. Bush or his father, George H. W. Bush, he expresses a desire to be “friends” with them. (Maybe play a round or two of golf.)

· He also expresses a longing for the days when Ronald Reagan was still president. (Oh, so do I!)

· He says that he never had an association with Osama bin Laden. ("I never had snacks with that man...Osama bin Laden!)

· Hussein is a “clean freak,” afraid of germs, obsessively washing his hands and carefully wiping his plate and utensils before eating. (This is not the norm?)

· He gave the soldiers advice on how to handle women (“You gotta find a good woman,” he told them. “Not too smart, not too dumb, not too old, not too young. In the middle.”) (As the song says, "If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife, get an ugly girl to marry you.)

· He thinks Dan Rather is “a good guy.” (Sacrilege!)

· He loves Doritos chips and Raisin Bran Crunch cereal…but he won’t touch Froot Loops. (The heathen!)

That Saddam thinks Dan Rather is a "good guy" and he hates Froot Loops should be enough to send him to the gallows!

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Torture for Tortures Sake

Perhaps CNN and NPR will begin to report real torture with the anger and revulsion with which they have reported Abu-Ghraib and Gitmo. The hostiles have no compulsion to honor the Geneva Accords or any of the other rules of modern civilized warfare. Members of the American Crusader Forces may cross the line and when caught they are dealt with. But the type of torture employed by the hostiles is daily normalcy and probably will go unpunished.

KARABILA, Iraq (CNN) -- Jane Arraf, CNN's senior Baghdad correspondent, is embedded with U.S. troops taking part in the mission, reported by phone:

ARRAF: What I see in front of me is absolutely heartbreaking. It's two of four hostages who are being taken away, rescued. They were rescued this morning. They're Iraqi, and they were found in this complex that Marines first thought was a car-bomb factory. In fact, they did find what they believe was a potential car bomb or suicide car bomb.
But inside this complex, they found something even more sinister -- four Iraqis who were handcuffed, their hands and feet bound with steel cuffs. They're now being taken away for medical treatment, one being borne away on a stretcher.
The man in intense pain that they're trying to get into a vehicle, has been tortured, he says, and has all the marks of being tortured with electricity. His back is crisscrossed with welts. The other man is even ... in worse shape. Their crime was to be part of the border police.
The Marines came in here this morning, rescued them... Two young men say they don't know why they were seized. They say they didn't hear the voices of their captors, only people whispering in their ear that they were going to be killed.
But we have just watched the two who were most badly treated be carried out of here for medical equipment, one of them on a stretcher, an older man who worked for the border police, along with his colleague. ... the Marines showed us the room where he says he was hung by his feet, his head dipped in water and then tortured with electric shocks repeatedly.
One of the other men, the other border police, was too weak, really, to tell us what had happened. But he obviously was in very, very bad shape.
They were rescued this morning as Marines and Iraqi forces came into this complex, which included an underground bunker, weapons stockpiles and other things, and found them here. Their captors have fled.

From NPR Weekend Edition Sunday, June 19, 2005, Debra Amos reporting:

Karabila is a town of about 60,000 people, but when the Marines arrived the town was deserted save for the insurgents. During Operation Matador a few weeks ago, the hostiles had fled leaving the townsfolk...Breaking down a wall Marines found four men shackled to the walls.The room had nooses, chains, and water facilities for dunking the men's heads. A 19 yr old man said he had been captured three weeks ago, but didn't know why. He said he had been tortured, but his captors never asked any questions. "It seems to have been torture for tortures sake," said Amos.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.