Thursday, May 12, 2005

Slavery at Neverland !

Michael Jackson, well known pedophile, rich white guy who used to be black (I think he sang a song, too) has been forcing his famous chimp, Bubbles, to clean the toilets at the Neverland Ranch.

Bubbles and the other animals (unnamed to protect their identity -- underage primates, perhaps?) are being used for such disgusting household activities as dusting and cleaning windows. It is common knowledge that Bonobos don't do Windows.

A grown Bonobo chimpanzee can possess the strength of several fully grown men. These chimpanzees are known as the 'sexy apes' for their behavior of make love, not war . But, when Bubbles began to realize the degradation to which he was being subjected, Michael Jackson had him caged and sent to a 'sanctuary', a concentration camp for those animals deemed lower on the evolutionary scale. Bubbles became "too strong and started to rebel against him - like a teenage child. " The academically gifted Jackson said, "They are very, very strong. They are very powerful."

Jackson employees 150 and 200 people to operate the ranch near Santa Barbara, California. How many chimps are enslaved cleaning the toilets for 150-200 people? How many other animals are being held against their will? Does Mr. Jackson enthrall elephants to do the heavy work of the ranch? Are they forced into hard labor with their only reward being peanuts.

My God! My God! The horror...The degradation...The shame! Where is PETA? Where is the ASPCA? Where is Bridget Bardot? These animals need help and freedom. They need to be free from the slavemaster, Michael Jackson.

Find the storyhere.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

She was covered in blood...

"She was covered in blood and was shaken up when police rammed her car to stop it."

Those are the words of a friend describing the end of the crime that visited her family recently. My friend is the aunt to the 23 year old victim.

Tuesday night, about 10:30 pm, the young woman left work and was approached by a man with a gun demanding money. She had only $14 and didn't have her ATM card. He told the woman he needed $1200 and would hold her until her family paid.

Holding the gun to her head, the bastard forced the frightened woman to call her parents demanding the ransom. He then kidnapped her, stole her car, and drove to her home to collect the money.

The close knit family responded. Everyone went to the nearest ATM's and withdrew as much money as the machines would allow. The family also called the cops.

Sgt. Carillo and members of the SAPD had staked out the house and were watching as the kidnapper drove the stolen car with the victim up to the house.

While her daughter was held at gunpoint and forced to remain seatbelted in the car, the mother walked out to deliver the money hoping the bastard would then free her baby girl. But he took the money and drove off.

Sgt. Carillo and several police officers blocked his escape; they rammed the car; a lone police officer fired his weapon.

A moment later, the kidnapper lay dead in the front seat of the stolen car, only a thousand dollars and a bullet hole to show for his miserable existence.

"She just wants to forget this happened, but she does want to thank the police officer who saved her life."

"She was covered in blood and was shaken up..."

I have no sympathy for this bastard. I don't care why he committed the crimes. I don't care if he was poor. I don't care if he had a hard childhood. I don't care about his lack of education.

I don't care.

He harmed an innocent. She will be paying the penalty of his crimes for a long time. She didn't deserve this. She did nothing but try to succeed in America by following the rules, obeying the law, working hard earning her money, being a good citizen, being a good daughter.

He got what he deserved. She didn't.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.