Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Muslims Rally in London Calling for Destruction of the West

"This Shameful Ranting Must Stop" by Carol Gould details a rally held in London several days ago called the Global Peace and Unity Conference at London's Excel Centre. "It was advertised as a diverse event to which non-Muslims were invited and the impression one got from the website was of a celebration of Middle Eastern culture, food, music and children's activities in a London milieu." Seems it was anything but. "To my utter horror ... it was a seven-hour call to Jihad by a succession of ranting and shouting rabble-rousers." Read it.

Cuanas has a very good post, New Nuremburg Rally in London, hearkening back to Nazi Germany and the relationship between the Nazi Party and Islam. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini assisted the Nazis in any way he could in the extermination of the Jews during WWII. Much of the philosophy of the Islamofascists today stems from that relationship. Husseini did have one complaint - Hitler wasn't wasn't killing Jews fast enough.

Thousands of Muslims joined and fought along side Third Reich troops. Muslim troops are seen here at prayer in 1944. Today's Hezbollah terror troopers display the Nazi salute at a recent rally in the Gaza Strip.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs humorously illustrates that Howard Dean and the Democratic Liberal Left UberElites may be aiding the Islamofascists with their recalcitrance and arrogant stance against an American victory anywhere. "The idea that we're going to win this war is an idea that unfortunately is just plain wrong," Dean told San Antonio, Texas, radio station WOAI on Monday.

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Don said...

How long is it gonna take for the Brits to figure out that all of this appeasement is going to backfire? The French just got a good dose of it.

sideshow bob said...

How long until we realise that the violence in the name of Islam is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself? If we have a headache, should we drill holes in our heads to get at the demons, or try to find the root cause of our pain, be it tension or allerigies or whatever. The root cause is not the second largest religion in the world...if it were that simple, every able bodied non-Muslim man, woman and child would have to fight against the Muslim scourge. The root cause is that most of these terrorist are very poor, and feel they have no chance of changing their situation. The evil men that run the terrorist organizations prey on these feelings of helplessness and impotence, capitalizing on the pent up frustrations in the Muslim world, offering them a sense of power and opportunity. Like many faux-religious leaders, they don't have the courage of their convictions, toherwise they would be blowing themselves up as well. Another problem may simply be that many of the terrorists are mentally deranged, as seeking psychological help is not exactly smiled upon in the Muslim world. Seems to me improving the economic and eduational systems in the Middle East would work much better than blowing their stuff up to show them how wrong it is to blow stuff up.

Running around the globe putting out fires is futile at best. For every terrorist/criminal out there, there are hundreds who pissed as hell at the West but do not act out violently. Denegrating an entire religion due to the actions of a minority with no conscience, not to mention no real understanding of religion in general, and in Islam specifically...I really don't see how anything productive comes from this; that merely perpetuates the problem.

So if we accept your premise that Islam is a "religion of violence" and that Muslims are therefore either violent and immoral or so stupid they believe that God wants them to kill people, where does that leave us? Are you advocating a sort of holocaust againt Islam, or a sort of Spanish Inquisition to turn all Muslims against Islam? Of course I know that you are not, but your views do puzzle me.

I have known several Muslims over the years, and none has done anything violent that I've fact, I've seen them endure ridicule and insults with far more grace and patience than I think I would have had in a similar situation.

As for the situation in the UK, they actually have fairly strict hate speech laws that allow for the deportation of foriegners and imprisonment of citizens...I know that many conservatives have been against hate crime and hate speech laws in the's interesting to see them embracing them now. As I'm sure you are aware, many people who called themselves "Christian" (but, by virtue of their actions were by no means Christian) help exterminate the Jews as well, does that make Christianity evil as well?

The situation in France actually had to do with out and out discrimination against immigrants from the French colonies in Africa, who were black...does this mean that negro is the race of violence?. To suggest it had anything to do with terrorism or al Queda indicates a complete lack of ignorance about the situation.

As for the Dean situation, I think he's right...I can't think of any war ever won against an abstract idea such as religious fanaticism, drug use, poverty, crime, etc. And yes, he was against the war, but many liberals, including myself, were not, and we did achieve a victory...unfortunately, little has gone well since then, to the point that that victory may soon be rendered moot (and frankly, insinuating that roughly half of Americans hate America decends the debate into pointless, mean-spirited name calling) . Maybe what he was suggesting is that we need to change our strategy...I know that in some places in Iraq, much progress is being made in the rebuilding of intrastructure and, more importantly, goodwill. Maybe we need to see what is working there that can be applied more universally, maybe we need to adjust our foreing policy so it is seen as more fair by the average Middle Eastern citizen (meaning, not terrorist). The actual war part of Operation Iraqi Freedom went brilliantly, and we did a great job, but any gains against the non-corpeal spectre of terrorism will be won in state rooms (and also in the mosques, where Muslims need to demand reform from any clerics supporting terrorism, as they would against any other crime), not on battlefields, especially ones littered with bystanders.

Please try to remember that lashing out against others is like throwing hot coals in an enemy's hurt yourself as well. I wish you much luck and happiness in your faith.

dcat said...

The ACLU should be put on trial with Saddam!

Don said...

sideshow bob history is full of milksops like you and they have all been walked on like a cheap carpet. said...

Dig you blog, first time I've seen it and glad I did.....will be returning.

Stay tuned indeedy

Indigo Red said...

OMG! Atlas has left me a comment! Now I'll have to write stuff that's actually worth reading. Talk about pressure.

Atlas, you are welcome here anytime.

If my readers have not visited do so now. It's very fast moving and if you blink you may miss something.

sideshow bob said...

Don, your response is so well thought out and level headed...which of your salient points should should I repond to first? :)

I, your humble rug, will gracefully accept your bootsteps, but stomping on things you find disagreeable won't really solve many problems.

Concerned Patriot said...

Red ... Why do you think it is that we allow Muslims to get away with this type of crap? This is truly pathetic. Why can't we give them what they want ... a world with no outside Western involvement. I say put 'em all in Iran, Syria, Iraq, and let 'em live there without any American involvement ... except when they get outta hand ... then we nuke 'em before they nuke us. I know this is a little hard core, but think about all the lives this would save eventually. Seriously ... only nuke the nukes. You know ... not all muslims ... just the ones that want to kill all Americans ... you know? Yeah ... if only I could have it my way.

Indigo Red said...

Heck, I don't know, CPat, why the muslims are allowed. I think the best answer would be from Sideshow Bob above.