Thursday, December 22, 2005

Germany Releases Stethem Killer

Germany secretly released a Hezbollah killer of a US military diver. The killer was serving a LIFE SENTENCE! (Remember that because it's important.) According to the Reuters report in Haaretz Daily, Germany released the convicted killer to Lebanon despite an extradition request from the US.

Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem was executed by Muhammad ali Hammadi in the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847 to Beirut. You'll remember the terrorist waving his gun out the pilots window while threatening to blow up the plane. When passports were demanded by the terrorists, Stethem was ID'd as an American serviceman, beaten, shot, and his body dumped out the rear door onto the tarmac where his lifeless body remained for two hours before retrieval was allowed.

Hammadi was sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. Germany returned the murderer to Beirut last Tuesday, December 13, because said the German government spokesman - get this - "He has served his sentence." How does one serve a court sentenced LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE without serving for life - until one is dead in prison? What part of LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE do the Germans not understand?

Germans have to get over the guilt trip they've been on for the passed 60 years. Just because the Volk were responsible for the mass murder of 5-6 million people during the Hitler era does not mean they must abandon all sensibilities in the opposite direction. The US has the death penalty to which Hammadi would certainly be eligible, but would not ipso facto receive. Germany revoked capital punishment after WWII judging the German people incapable of knowing when to stop killing once they have begun.

This is stupid and dangerous. The good volk have shown themselves to be righteous and honorable people not likely to willy-nilly go about murdering millions again. During the Third Reich, while murder was still a crime, the German nation murdered with legal impugnity making the punishment for homicide meaningless. Today, Germany has rendered LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE meaningless. Germany lost the sense of decency 60 years ago and has yet to get it back.

The US has pledged to hunt down the killer, Hammadi, and bring him to justice - REAL JUSTICE.

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