Friday, December 23, 2005

FISA Nixed Moussaoui Warrant

The FISA secret court denied a warrant on Moussaoui, the reputed 9/11 twentieth bomber. The Star Chamber went so far as to "discipline" Michael Resnick, F.B.I. supervisor of terrorist surveillance operations coordination.

In a January 2002 letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller, [Sen. Charles] Grassley noted that had a search been permitted, "Agents would have found information in Moussaoui’s belongings that linked him both to a major financier of the [9/11] hijacking plot working out of Germany, and to a Malaysian Al Qaeda boss who had met with at least two other [9/11] hijackers while under surveillance by intelligence officials."
No wonder the President didn't want to get warrants through FISA. If a governmental agency is going to willfully place the country in jeopardy then, rightly so, they should be bypassed. It would be a good idea if all the folks working in the US government were actually on our side.

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Mike's America said...

We'll patch all these stupidities up and then some in 2006.


Glad tidings and peace to all men and women of good will!

David Bailey said...

You may be interested to learn that Coleen Rowley, the FBI agent who first brough the Moussaoui case to light, has explicitly criticized Bush's surveillance of U.S. citizens. Moreover, she debunks three right-wing myths about the Moussaoui case, insisting that it was institutional incompetence which caused problems in the Moussaoui case, not FISA. She concludes by noting that any bureaucratic hurdles which may have existed prior to 9/11 were cleared away by the Patriot Act.

dcat said...


I just got around to finishing the rest of this and yes you would think they would be on our side! Who the hell are getting these job's?