Monday, December 12, 2005

Death Comes for Tookie Williams

In a few short hours, Stanley "Tookie" Williams will be put to death at San Quentin Prison in San Francisco, California.

A needle will be inserted into his arm, 5 grams of sodium pentothal will flow into his blood causing unconsciousness, followed by 50 cc of pancuronium bromide to paralyze the diaphragm muscles stopping his breathing. Finally, 50 cc of potassium chloride will slow, then stop the heart. Within 5 minutes the brain and brainstem will experience irreversible damage from oxygen deprivation. From beginning to end, 20 minutes will have passed. A pointless, violent criminal life will have been put to death, a minor footnote ended.

The crimes for which he will be put to death are horrid and are deserving of the death penalty. Today at work, when I received the breaking news by e-mail from ABCNews, I felt satisfaction that Governor Schwartzenegger had declined the granting of leniency, declined sparing the life of this particular criminal. I was satisfied and jubilant that Justice had prevailed.

By converting the Crips gang from a pitiable group of neighborhood thugs to the most violent crime organization the LA area has known and then franchising his murderous creation throughout the US, Williams is responsible for thousands of murders, robberies, and broken lives. Tookie Williams forfeited his life many years ago. Only now is that society upon which he vented his rage and exercised his greed exacting its just punishment.

But, I will not celebrate, nor cheer the death of Tookie Williams. I cannot deny Stanley was a remarkable person with talents and abilities that he was unable or unwilling to channel towards the betterment of his community. I will not wax rhapsodic on what might have been, the life that might have been led because Tookie Williams freely chose, rather, to bring great pain and destruction.

In the years since he took control of the Crips in the early 1980s, Los Angeles has suffered over 3000 gang related murders. The murder rate has increased some 30%; the gang killings in his hometown of Compton has set a new record nearly every year for the past twenty-plus years. The death toll from these thugs is 50 times greater than that exacted by the Mafia in its entire history of organized crime in the United States. Tookie Williams wanted to form the most feared gang known and he succeeded with great cost to the community. Such a waste.

For all of these killings, Tookie Williams is responsible. No, he did not personally pull the trigger on all the dead, but he set in motion the conditions that allowed them to happen. Even now, just hours from his own execution, he refuses to bring any comfort to the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of those slain by telling authorities what he knows of so many deaths. He would rather die a coward than be a "snitch".

Little more than an hour ago, a fifteen year old boy was gunned down while riding in a car in an area of LA known as Koreatown. A car pulled alongside his and the occupants fired a fusillade of bullets into the car and the teen. Another boy is dead tonight because of the mayhem wrought by Tookie Williams. Another Mother's son is dead from the senseless, stupid gang violence. Even from behind bars and sitting in a cell on deathrow awaiting his own death, the legacy of Tookie Williams has destroyed another life, destroyed another family.

Killing Tookie Williams will not bring back the boy killed tonight nor the thousands of boys killed over the years, but one less gangbanger will be gone and this time, before morning when I awaken to enjoy another day of life, Justice will have been served.


Concerned Patriot said...

Wow ... I couldn't agree more! Please check out my blogspot ... and maybe pass it on. I know I can be quite forward sometimes, but I only speak my mind ... just like you. Please ... check it out ...

Indigo Red said...

Welcome CPat. Another voice for freedom is always a good thing.

SPEAKING FOR ME! is a dandy new site for liberty and sanity.

Have a long, fun run, CPat.

Indigo Red said...


Unbeknownst to me, just before I finished writing this post, another gangland killing occurred in Compton bringing the cities gang murders this year to 67 dead, a 35% increase from last year. And the year (day) isn't over.

But take heart, Hate Crimes are down. At least it's good to know the gangster who tries to kill me doesn't hate me. I'm relieved.

dcat said...

Glad he is gone and more should get the death penalty! They are no better then terrorists!!! I wouldn't buy the book either! Only if all proceeds went to the family of the lost loved one!!! The victim’s family! Criminals are not victims you screwed up liberals!

I speak my mind too! ERRRRRR!!! If someone hurt a family member of mine and altered my life in this way the thug did I wouldn’t wait for Justice I would hunt em down and take em out myself!!! "79" GOOD GOD!!! We paid for this ass hole in jail so he could write BOOKS!!! SHEESH!

Ron Lyre said...

Indigo your comments are measured and dignified.One doesn't have to agree with you to see that you have at least thought about what you have written, unlike dcat (above) who sounds and writes like the cartoon character he most obviously is.

Tom C said...

I wonder how heavy the chains he will carry?

dcat said...

I don’t have tolerance for things like you either ron lyre!

Indigo what rock did this lyre crawl out of!?

Tom C.,
So heavy that soon as he’s gone he will be in hell in no time!

Indigo Red said...

From the British Rock, dcat. Like Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Jethro Tull, and Herman of "Herman and the Hermits". Ron is more the Herman kinda guy. I can't help but picture him attired as Ian Anderson in tights and Fools Cap with bells at the tassle ends. It is a vision quite the contrary of his self-advertised Errol Flynn avitar.

He has some wonderful stuff at his blog, The Strumpet, to which I am a frequent visitor and of which I am a frequent target as "My Colonial Friend" or "the backwoodsman".

sideshow bob said...


This post was a welcome respite from all the talking heads who were busy either cannonizing Tookie or dancing on his grave.

Anonymous said...

Tookie's passing is comparatively peaceful in contrast to the four he murdered, what a shame. They should've dusted off his old sawed off shotgun and let loose on him. The only mercy that he can beg for now would be God's.