Friday, November 18, 2005

What is wrong with us?

Soon Avian Flu may be an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) if four Massachusetts State Legislators have their way. Cynthia S. Creem, Robert A. O'Leary, Michael E. Festa, David P. Linsky, Democrats all, introduced a bill to reduce the prohibition penalties on human to animal sex acts.

These four legislative perverts are supported by the three Massachusetts gay unions and abortion groups. At the time of the gay union debate, they were declaring that gay marriage was as far as they would go. The slippery slope to bestiality was homophobic, hateful, Republican fear mongering. Now it's here and these guys are behind the movement 100%.

In an on-line article today, "First Comes Gay Marriage then Comes Bestiality in Massachusetts", Hilary White writes, "Family lobbyists opposed to the redefinition of marriage were frequently ridiculed for their warnings that dissolving the natural basis of marriage in law would end with legalizing and normalizing a host of sexual perversions including polygamy, incest and bestiality."

Renaming the perversion is part of the tactics of tolerance and acceptance to reduce the social stigma associated with the human/ animal sexual perversion. The new terminololgy for bestiality is "zoophile" or "zoo" for short. Who doesn't like zoos? Zoos are fun places to be with all the lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my. And elephants.

Now the animals are in danger once again from the human preditors. Not from being shot, but from being raped. Recently an animal sex farm was found in the Pacific Northwest. A man raped a horse and then died of massive internal injuries from being sodomized by the raped equine. No charges were brought against the rapist or the farm owner because bestiality is not illegal and there was no apparent harm to the animal. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, a husband and wife came home to find their dog being raped by a 17 year old boy. Though the dog suffered no physical harm, she was very agitated after the attack and died two weeks later. No apparent harm to the animals my ass!

The Massachusetts legislators call their bill, "An Act Relative to Archaic Crimes,” in an attempt to redefine the sexual morality that has served Western Civilization quite well for thousands of years as archaic and of no relevance to modern society. I, for one, do not want animal rape to be part of the modern world. If PETA says it's wrong to eat animals, how could it possibly be right to allow sex with an animal which is incapable of giving consent? If sex is not okay between non-consenting humans, how is non-consensual human/ animal sex okay?

What is wrong with us?

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dcat said...

How about F**k a turkey? :)

Ron Lyre said...

Puts a whole new slant on the UK being ' a nation of dog lovers'...

Tom C said...

Mooo, baby! Mooo.

Don said...

dcat that is kinda what happened when my first wife cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner.

dcat said...


Indigo Red said...

Let me see if I understand the above comments in relationship to the blog entry:

Four Mass. democratic legislators are attempting to incrementally obtain acceptance of human to animal sexual activities using the same incremental methods the very same four legislatr used to get same sex marriage accepted and no one here is even upset a little bit.

It's okay with you all that the Democrats want bestality penalties shortened and the next time around shortened some more until there is no penalty. Bestiality and child porn are the fastest growing subjects on the web today. Bestiality cases are being seen by veteranarians from Sweden to Spartanburg to Singapore. And this is okay by you that the Democrats want to shorten the few existing laws. Does that sum it up?

The very foundation of our society is being slowly eroded and all you can say is, "Moooo." Pitiful. If this is the reaction to the disgusting goings on in the Democratic Party, then we will deserve destruction by the Islamofascists because we are the immoral perverts they claim we are.

dcat said...

It is called pointing and laughing at people that do this sort of horrible act! They are crazy people and need to be humiliated! I agree with you Indigo! We all do so lighten up! :-)

Indigo Red said...

The time for pointing and laughing has come and is going. The deed will be done before anyone takes this seriously.

I've told about the banning of vitamins and dietary supplements and no one here believed me and now it has come to pass.

I have told about the UN ban on all guns worldwide, including the US and all I got was "only from my cold dead hands" rhetoric. August of 2006, the US will sign the agreement.

I'm trying to bring the news of tomorrow today. But everybody wants to talk about the news of yesterday and last week as if Murthas demands are really important.

These are not crazy people that live on the fringes of society anymore. These people are doctors and lawyers, teachers and truck drivers, policemen and garbage collectors. They are otherwise normal people for whom life has no limits. An ancient Greek said that infinity is life without limits; it's the definition of evil.

Humiliation no longer is sufficient for creating limits. When a serious subject is treated as a joke by usually sensible people who know right from wrong, how are the young libertines who know no limits to distinguish sarcasm from casual acceptance?

dcat said...

The NRA is still there I belong.

What more can a person do except write to the leaders but hey you know what it doesn’t do any good! I think the delete key to all my letters are their favorite key, so now what ‘anarchy? Only if my life depends on it!

I know damn well my vote didn’t count either here in Washington State! They are going to do what ever the hell they want to! I also complained about the press one for English at the election office! I bet my name is on all the rosters at all the airports, that is why my lugage was lost for a short time ‘me paranoid? You bet honey! The stupid people just go on don't they!