Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Terror Threat Down Under

Another nation is feeling the heat of terror and is getting flak from the opposition party.

"A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Helen Clark says New Zealand officials have been in touch with their Australian counterparts following the warning of a potential terrorist threat in Australia.

On Wednesday Australian Prime Minister John Howard said his country's intelligence authorities have received specific information about a terrorist threat in Australia. Howard refused to give details of the threat, but says it is cause for concern. The spokeswoman for Clark says New Zealand officials are not able to pass on the details of the information they received. But she says the Australian officials have confirmed there is no imminent threat of attacks and the terror threat level remains at medium.

The spokeswoman says the advice to New Zealand travellers is to heed the travel advice of Australian authorities. As a result of the information John Howard has rushed an amendment expanding the definition of a terrorist act, through the House of Representatives. The amendment will make it easier to prosecute people planning an attack. Minor political parties have accused Howard of using the threat to avoid scrutiny of the new laws. The Senate will consider the amendment on Thursday."

Source: tvnz

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Sofocleto said...

What a co-incidence.

Howard gets a rush on the anti-terror legislation just as an attack is "imminent".

New Yorkers got told when an attack on the subway was considered "imminent" ad they could use to travel or cower, but Johhny prefers to leave Australians completely in the dark.

Preventing mass panic, or hiding an absence of real information?

Howard is despicable in EVERY way.

dcat said...

The real information is they have no plans just threats but Austrailia and New Zealand will be more alert.

I climed Mt. Cook an loved New Zealand as well as Austrailia. The people are wonderful!

I am sure they will be prepared! I'll contact my climbing buddies.

Indigo Red said...

Sofocleto --

"Howard is despicable in EVERY way."
So, you've had sexual relations with Mr. Howard?

Sofocleto said...

No, as a matter of fact I didn't.

Indigo, you must not be so jealous! Control yourself! come on, «man»?

Indigo Red said...

So you, in fact, DON"T know that "Howard is despicable in EVERY way."

Sofocleto said...

Not in that way, no. Do you?

I was talking about his fake terror alerts and fear-inducing rhetoric.

Tom C said...

Indi, I just left Ron's and still can't catch my breath. damn you are funny!

Don said...

Damn Indi it seems like just yesterday you hit 3000 and here you are raciing to 4000. Keep up the great work. This is one of the best blogs going.