Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Riot Fatwa

A formal fatwa against Muslims taking part in rioting was issued Nov. 6th by the Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF). This is a welcome act by the Muslim leadership to quell the violence. Any good fatwa will allow for righteous action.

Read the fatwa excerpts below and see if you can pick out the exemptions. Good luck.

"It is formally forbidden to any Muslim seeking divine grace and satisfaction to participate in any action that blindly hits private or public property or could constitute an attack on someone's life...Contributing to such exactions is an illicit act," this fatwa applies to "any Muslim living in France, whether a citizen or a guest of France."

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Edge said...

Is it just me or do Muslims make up the rules as they go?


Don said...

Does that mean if their eyes are open it is okay?

Tom C said...

Gee, maybe a misspeak? Yeah right!

Leap Frog said...

Unreal... Can't they speak in plain language? Like come-on...
"blindly" ?? so...so if you intend to 'see' your target it's ok?
Ok if target is 'senior citzen' or 'disabled bus passanger'?

When they did announce it here (on our one, government run, news channel) that the Fatawa was actually issued, I almost fell over - up until then it was 'maurding disenfranchised unemployed youth of north african origins' etc...

Bunch of screwups the lot of them.

Indigo Red said...

You're right, Leap. The phrasing is a really big cop-out. The punks are screwups, but with free everything from the French government in Paristine, I would be a screwup too.

I think using "blindly" can also mean being aware of ones actions and having a plan. I think it means intentionality.

I may "blindly" rush into a burning building to rescue someone, but a fireman would not. I would be without a plan, the fireman would know what he's doing.