Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Iraqis Shanghaied Into Insurgency

"BAGHDAD, 23 November (IRIN) - Mahmoud Kaduri, 29, recalled bitterly how he was forced to work with the insurgency currently fighting US and Iraqi government troops. "They told me to work with them or my son would be killed," he recalled.
"I had no option, I had to save my child," he added."
(Relief Web)

he evil of the bad guys is infinite. Infinity was defined by one of the ancient Greek philosophers (I forget which one) as the absence of limits; it is the definition of evil.

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Newvictorian said...

Thank you for pointing this one out, Indigo. It IS the definition of evil. I'm a pretty tough guy and I got tears in my eyes reading this. My son is almost one year would I feel if they threatened him?

This is why we must continue to fight these sick savages, and win.

I'm going to point this one out over at my blog, as well. It needs to be read by everyone possible.

dcat said...


I heard this a long time ago. They grab kids off the street like in Iran too in 81.

They didn’t care who they took. It is fight or be killed!

Not without my daughter was a true story. See it sometime Indigo if you haven’t already. Sally field played Betty.

I still think that there are sick Moslems out there that are friends but if they were told to kill you they would with out blinking an eye! They are so conditioned and I am very skeptical of people that give so much into a religion that they are willing to kill some one just because one would disagree!

I have always believed so what if that person doesn’t pray if they die let God take care of em! But I bet a person that doesn’t pray is just as good of a person then a hypocrite that does!

Your a good person Indigo and enjoy your Thanksgiving :)

Indigo Red said...

Thank you, dcat.