Friday, October 07, 2005

Zawahiri Letter Intercepted

A letter from Ayman Zawahiri, first advisor to Osama bin Laden, addressed to penpal Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al-Qaida in Iraq has been intercepted by the United States. According to Bryan Whitman, Pentagon spokesman, the letter was recently intercepted in an operation that could not be discussed.

The terrorists have created a thorough blueprint for an Islamic state (The Caliphate) involving many of the middle east states with Iraq as the site of the centralized religious government. Of course, the destruction of Israel is included.

Pentagon analysts believe the letter is genuine. It reveals al-Qaida lines of communications have been disrupted, and has lost major sources of funding to such an extent that Zawahiri has had to ask Zarqawi for money (and maybe borrow the car.) To avoid alienating the umma (world Muslim community), as happened in Afghanistan under the Islamofascist Taliban, the Zawahiri letter advises not to kill hostages or attack mosques.

"Don't shoot your customers. It's bad for business," Meyer Lansky,"The Brain", once advised Al Capone. Scarface followed the advice. Perhaps Zawahiri has learned the same lesson or it's just reality slapping the fool in the face.


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dcat said...

ERRRRR we better not give in to it just because of a change!

Off with zarqawi's head! That goes for his looney cronies!!!

Don said...

Damn I hate to think of the boy's club running out of cash. Maybe we can take up a collection for them.