Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Rebuilding of Iraq Continues

The Iraqi Army in Dahuk province, has a new urban tactical training center. Zahko Military Academy has two concrete masonry buildings, and concrete roads. Improvements were made to the existing firing range and a new hand grenade range installed. The new facilities will improve the training of the Iraqi armed forces in turn increasing the security of Iraq.

Repaired roofs, interior renovations, and new restrooms, water fountains, and playgrounds greeted hundreds of children at six schools in September.

In Ninewa, the city of Mosul, has completed a 260-bed maternity hospital providing health care and health services for 500 to 700 patients a day and serving the areas 600,000 people. The hospital has been outfitted with incubators, ventilators, surgical tables, and monitoring systems totaling $876,000.

Also in Ninewa, newly constructed paved roads are available for the daily use of the local civilian population along with a freshly renovated train station greatly improving the mobility of the local folk. And three new police stations will increase the security of the area and its residents.

An Iraqi construction company finished construction on new billets for the Iraqi Special Forces Barracks in Baghdad province. Five company barracks, a senior officers barracks and temporary drinking water, septic tank, and electricity utilities add to the readiness of the security personnel. Another Iraqi company completed a new police station and a police headquarters which includes improved force protection and security cameras.

Two school renovation projects were completed one of which will benefit about 250 kids. The work repaired roofs, plumbing, electrical systems and lighting, and architectural upgrades. New restrooms, a water tank and drinking fountains were installed. The property now has a perimeter wall to enhance pupil and staff safety.

An Iraqi building contractor provided all the labor, material, and equipment for the buildings renovated in Mansour. In Baghdad city, the Rasheed Hotel and Al Faw Palace have received new heating and air conditioning systems. A government building was also renovated and is now ready to be occupied by government workers.

Guard towers, a parking garage, and sections of a security wall were added to an existing police facility in Musayyib, Babel province. Phase I of a new police station was completed by an Iraqi construction company. Phase II, beginning soon, will include adding a second floor, guard towers, security wall, rolling gates, maintenance building, and a parking garage. Another police station with a kitchen and bathrooms will be occupied by 80 police officers to service the surrounding rural area.

An electrical substation with two transformers, 33 kilovolt and 11 kilovolt, renovated switching gear building with new switching equipment is now in operation providing power to thousands of residents of Babel.

Three school upgrade projects have been completed in Najaf. Completed in time for the new school year were a girls school and an industrial school.

A new border fort was completed between Iraq and Kuwait. The project in Basrah province includes a sleeping area, kitchen, showers, offices, armory, observation posts, perimeter security lighting, and a berm. In the Umm Qasr area, an ammunition supply facility was constructed for a firing range and a supply point for the Iraqi Navy to increase the protection of the coastal borders. Three police stations were also completed for the citizens of Basrah city.

Electrical and water projects for Basrah and the airport have been finished. Local residents have drinking water because of the refurbishment of a cluster pump station at a water treatment plant. At the airport, a water treatment plant underwent repairs making potable water available again. The electrical distribution system for 1.3 million Basrah residents has been enhanced with the addition of four new electrical substations.

Between September 15 and 30, only two weeks, a short fifteen days, all of the above projects were completed. The press seems to have missed every single project choosing instead to focus on terror attacks in Iraq that are failing to dissuade the people from forming a government and on questionable terror threats in New York City. Even bloggers have lost sight of the accomplishments in Iraq while debating the fitness of Harriet Meirs to sit on the Supreme Court bench and trying to determine exactly with what crime Tom DeLay is charged. Our men and women are fighting to do something good and we are missing it.

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Don said...

You are so right Indy. What the terrorist assholes fail to recognize is that these are the types of things that win support from the people. Horrible massacres of innocent people will not get you on anyones party invitation list.

Mike's America said...

You would think that at least ONCE in a while we'd get some of these stories in the "mainstream" media.

dcat said...


Now all the good people of the world are out helping the Pakistani people.

Where are the terrorist? Still being ass holes! Who would want to invite them to any party? I would... to a hanging party! BYOB BBQ will be provided! Cowboy will Russell up some fantastic recipes!

Oh and BTW it is a surprise for the terrorist so don’t tell em but they will provide the entertainment! They will be blind folded and we can take a few for a shooting gallery for Bob and I...while the others just hang around!

YellowRose said...

You are right Indy...I have a friend leaving Nov. 1st for Iraq. He's a reporter for the American Forces Network Baghdad bureau. On assignment to cover potential news stories at forward operating bases, convoys, rescue missions, you name it. Maybe we'll start hearing some of these accomplishments...maybe.

kethforfree said...

Thanks Ind Red
Keep up the good work. Im posting this at work and sending it to the editorial page of my local paper.

Indigo Red said...

Thanks, kethforfree. I hope your local paper will print the piece. Most people are totally unaware of the advances.