Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Miers Nomination

I support the Miers nomination.

Why? Because the President has nominated Harriet Miers as is his right and duty under the Constitution. It is then the role of the Senate to hear what the nominee has to say and then vote yea or nay. There is no litmus or any other test required for ascension to the High Court. Neither must a nominee be of the legal profession; even a plumber can be nominated.

The nomination of Miers has been done according to the rules set forth. Is Miers the best possible choice? Probably not. None of the other potential nominees were the best possible choice, either, as evidenced by the fact that they all have their supporters and detractors. And none of them accepted the invitation to dance.

If Mr. Dobson is correct, then others were asked and they declined the offer. But, Ms. Miers was asked to sit on the Supreme Court and she accepted the offer. She is, in fact, only nominee to answer the call of the President for a lifetime of legal service. In that light, she is the best nominee.

Miers has been said to be not smart enough to be an Associate Justice. By what measure are nominees to be judged for positions in which the issues to be reviewed are unknown? Many of the great Justices never had any judicial or legal experience at all. Some may, in fact, have been criminals themselves. At least one was a member of a terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan. That didn't stop him from becoming one of the champions of civil rights. The traditional measure has been whether the nominee has the "judicial temperament" required for the task. Exactly what constitutes that temperament is largely a personal choice of the individual Senator. The qualifications for High Court Justice is what the Senators say they are.

What is really in question here is if the traditional measures are to be thrown out and new tests and requirements instituted, impossible hurdles erected. This would make any future nominations extremely unlikely. Who could possibly pass the barrier tests set up by the opposing party to any and all nominees? No one most likely. And where would that leave America? Where would that leave our Republican Democracy? I'm afraid we would have to tell Dr. Franklin, "We are sorry, sir. We could not keep it because of our own selfish demands."

The nominee is named by the President. The nominee is accepted or rejected by the Senate. That's how it's done. Now, just do it.

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Tom C said...

Yep! Just do it. unless y'all would rather have me!

Indigo Red said...

Well, Tom. You can read and write and have a passing acquaintance with the Constitution. What more is needed? Welcome to the Court.

dcat said...

Right now it is the right to bare arms! Hi Indigo I support Bush all the way! God I’m starting to get fed up with Washington weenies!