Monday, October 31, 2005

Islamic Reformation

Big Pharaoh is calling for the reformation of Islam and rejection of Sharia law. He wonders why this cannot be done as it has in the other great religions of the world. It may happen in the far, far future, but I don't think so.

I left a comment at BP, but as has been my experience too many times, my comments are deemed out of bounds and are deleted. What follows, where I can guarantee its survival, is the comment written at Big Pharaoh.

"Al'lah does not make mistakes because Al'lah is perfect and unchanging. The Qur'an is not the inspired word of God, but IS the word of God.

The violence verses referred to by the so-called "Islam haters" are abrogated by the verses of peace, or so say the Islam apologists. But, which came first is a matter of bias and interpretation because the recitation of the Qur'anic verses to Muhammad was random rather than chronological. Within Islam the peaceful verses are attributed to early Islam when there were few Muslims and little Islamic authority. The violence verses are given to later Islam when many had turned to Islam and the Prophet had much power, influence, and wealth.

If Muslim scholars accept the time frame of "peace verses" first and "violence verses" last, then it would stand to reason that it was the peace verses that were abrogated in favor of the violence verses by the Prophet himself. If Al'lah is perfect, unchangeable, why would Al'lah change the Qur'anic verses from peace to violence? If the Qur'an is perfect for all time, as Muslin scholars maintain, then why must we view the Qur'an in historical context? Wouldn't the context be the same today as it was in the 7th century?

Did Al'lah make mistakes in the Qur'an? Or did Muhammad (the Messenger and Perfect Man) make mistakes in the recitation? Either way, one of them was in error. Al'lah being perfect by definition and Muhammad is perfect by being the Chosen One and one of them made mistakes then one of them is NOT perfect. Since Muslims accept that the Qur'an is the word of GOD HIMSELF, NOT THE INSPIRED WORD as interpreted by Muhammad, then it can only be Al'lah that is in error. Error is in opposition to perfection, God is perfect, Al'lah is in error, Al'lah is not God.

The Bible is the inspired word of God and is subject to error and interpretation as neither God nor Son of God were the actual authors. The Bible probably is corrupted through the many translations, but the Qur'an is corrupted from the get go.

The Prophet has Al'lah saying that anyone who questions either himself or the Prophet will be killed and suffer eternity in hell. The Bible allows questioning; the Qur'an does not. Without tossing out the entire Qur'an, an Islamic reformation is not possible. All who try reformation are automatically guilty of apostasy and are subject to fatwa ordered execution by any Muslim who happens to come upon the hapless apostate.

In a telling hadith, Muhammad asks who committed the particular crime in question. Thinking he was doing the right thing, a man steps forward and admits his guilt. Startled by the mans admission, Muhammad said it would have been better to have lied and lived than to have revealed himself. Thereupon Muhammad had the man beheaded.

With the threat of death hanging over the head of every Muslim, it is better to lie than be truthful about Islam. Reformation is not possible."

At this point, I would provide some source references, but in this case I can only refer you to the Qur'an and the Hadith and wish you happy reading.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


BP said...

Your Post at my blog (The Big Pharaoh) was written in an intellectual manner and you refrained from emotional offences. This is why it won't get deleted. I rarely delete comments by the way. Only those comments that contain offensive language and lack an intellectual discourse get deleted. I guess this is the case with many bloggers.

Indigo Red said...

I appreciate that, Big Pharaoh. I do not delete any comments, not even the most offensive.

Welcome to FAIR. You are an honored guest here anytime.

dcat said...

Indigo How do you do it?!

I am in the mood to hit the delete key when I get annoyed. Oh help me mighty one :)

AGA said...

I am not a Muslim, but I am a Christian. As such, I am largely ignorant of the contents of the Quran, though I suspect that I have heard the most offensive quotes from the Quran, given my browsing habits.

Your post is troublesome to me. Not because I think that the Quran or Islam is perfect, but because you see both as perfectly incapable of either interpretation or reformation. As I said, I am largely ignorant of the Quran, but that does not prevent me from seeing living, breathing persons who call themselves Muslims who, to be quite frank, surpass many of my fellow Christians in areas of tolerance, open mindedness, and genuine respect for persons of differing beliefs. See, for example, Mahmood at Mahmood's Den, Mr. A at the Religious Policeman, BP, and the many commentators who identify themselves as Muslims.

Now, it seems to me, that for you to maintain your position that Islam is not capable of reformation, you would have to call each of these persons incomplete or not "true" Muslims. Their reading of these Holy Texts, their understanding of what Allah requires, their very worship of Him; all are in error in your opinion or at least deviations from the plain reading of the Quran and the life of the Prophet. In maintaining this position, you would be joining the ranks of the very persons who presently have a stranglehold on Islam, the very persons who now resist reform.

If your goal or objective is to exterminate Islam, then I suppose that your current view makes sense. Join the fundamentalists in condemning the "moderates" as ignorant blasphemers, allow them to kill off the current trickle of dissenting calls for reform, and then pounce on those who remain as terrorists. Good luck. Human nature, in my judgment, makes this futile. People who feel threatened tend to get conservative, so to speak, and to fight with both eyes shut.

On the other hand, if your objective is peaceful coexistence and the rich returns that diverse views and faiths bring, then it would seem to me that the best course of action is to lend support to those who call for reform.

Don said...

Careful Indy, you will end up bunking with Rushdie.

Indigo Red said...


There is a vast difference between Islam and Muslims. Islam is a religion that specifies certain things to which it allows no dissent and specifies extreme punishments. Muslims are living, breathing, thinking human beings who have the ability to break the bonds of Islam.

And there's the rub. Islam is clear on Muslims who leave Islam - death. Islam is clear on Muslims who question Al'lah or Muhammad - death. One of the selling points of Islam is that it is not ambiguous. Every ill action governed by Islam as set forth in the Qu'ran and explained in the Hadith has a corresponding punishment, sometimes stoning, sometimes crashing a wall upon the offender, sometimes amputations of various body parts, sometimes beheading, but usually some form of death most foul.

Muslims I have known are kind, caring, loving people who only want to live a comfortable life in peace to raise their children. I've experienced only one Muslim who strayed from that vision. He decapitated his wife at the food court of the Long Beach Mall in California in the mid-1980s. He did this because his wife wanted to have a life outside the confining walls of the home in which I had shared meals. She had that life for a short time and died in freedom.

I very strongly suggest, AGA, get yourself a copy of the Qu’ran and the Hadith and read them. I will assume you are a Christian comfortably stable with your belief in the righteousness of Jesus. Compare your Holy Book, specifically The Gospels, with the Holy Book of Islam. Nowhere does Jesus call upon His followers to assassinate opponents, nowhere does Jesus lead armed raids against the caravans of business competitors, nowhere does Jesus teach that lying is a righteous activity, nowhere does Jesus instruct anyone to steal from others. Mohammad did all of these and more and he claimed each was a directive from Al’lah.

Islam as revealed in the Qu’ran is not what Islam apologists want infidels to believe. It teaches and spells out clearly in everyday language that unbelievers (anyone who is not Muslim) are to be converted, or forced to pay the poll tax (jizya), or killed. Right now in the world, the preferred choice is kill.

You, a Christian, are the only reader who has objected to what I have written here. I have Muslim readers in Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, England, and other countries. However, none of those readers dispute my words. Why not? Perhaps the same reasons Islamic leadership does not act to end the terrorist killings around the world: (1) they are afraid; (2) they know the attacks are sanctioned by Al’lah, the Prophet, the Qu’ran, and the Hadith.

Read, AGA, read. The truth will out.

Mike H. said...

Christ is considered to be a prophet of Islam as are Abraham, Moses, and the other major prophets of Judaea. Moses being a prophet went up on Mt Sinai to receive the word of God. The Ten Commandments are not mentioned in the Koran. It appears that if Islam considers the Jewish and Christian faiths to be corrupted it also consideres the word of God the perfect being to be corrupted. He was after all the same being who spoke to his prophets, and the same perfect being that dictated the Koran. Perhaps they need to talk to God about this impression that they have of him.

Indigo Red said...

Ah, a very good point, Mike H. Thanks.

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