Thursday, October 20, 2005

Congress Gets Smart

Slowly, ever so slowly, sanity is returning to the US Congress at long last and our freedoms may be returned to their original glory. For many decades, personal responsibility and self-reliance have been eroded by the proponents of the endless Nanny State.

The US House of Representatives passed the so-called "cheeseburger bill" Thursday. The "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act" passed by a vote of 306-120 is intended to make it harder for people to sue the food industry for causing obesity. The National Council of Chain Restaurants which represents McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut lauded the House members for "denouncing frivolous obesity lawsuits brought by plaintiffs seeking to blame restaurants for making them overweight."

ames Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said fast food makers are not to blame for Americans being fat. "It is not the place of the law to protect them from their own excess," the Congressman said, adding that anyone suffering from obesity should go to a doctor, not a lawyer.

The bill goes to the Senate next where Sen. Ted Kennedy will no doubt vote against it.

The House also voted 283-144 to pass a bill protecting the firearms industry from massive crime-victim lawsuits. "Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act" protects the firearms industry from being bankrupted by huge jury awards. In a statement, President Bush said, "Our laws should punish criminals who use guns to commit crimes, not law-abiding manufacturers of lawful products."

"Lawsuits seeking to hold the firearms industry responsible for the criminal and unlawful use of its products," said Chairman Sensenbrenner, "are brazen attempts to accomplish through litigation what has not been achieved by legislation and the democratic process."

The government's total inability to protect the citizens of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina underscores the importance of the Second Amendment. Americans have a natural right to protection of self, family, and property. When the government can no longer fulfill the function of protection and maintaining civil order, it is the right of the people to do so with firearms, if necessary. Authorities have finally admitted that in the aftermath of disasters, the people will be responsible for there own care and safety because the ability of government to provide protection will most likely completely collapse.

We are on our own. We are responsible for the security of ourselves, our families, and our property. The laws should allow us to protect ourselves with a minimum of governmental interference.

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