Saturday, October 29, 2005

Art Works When All Else Fails

Way up north in Quebec, Canada lives a friend, Diane Carrière. I hesitate to say she is an artist because Diane is so much more. She is tall, smart, beautiful, caring and sensitive, and works very hard with her immense talents. Diane not only paints, but also maintains several blogs promoting her favorite cause, the use of art in fomenting democracy where freedom does not yet exist. As did many of us, she once simpathized with the seductive "feel good" bromides of the left, but after 9/11 started doing her own research. Today her adament opposition to the left is evident in her paintings and writings.

Her paintings shown on the internet are impressive, but without someone standing next to them, one cannot appreciate the sheer size of her paintings. Diane creates on very large surfaces a world of pain and sorrow from the images of the Iraq War so compelling it is difficult to believe the images were once real life enveloping the crumbling world of real people.

Diane imbues each of her paintings with the innocent grace of hope that is Diane herself. She has created a world of stark beauty into which we are all invited to share. By leaving much of the painting delineated, but undefined, we are pushed to finish the thought for ourselves. Though not a single brushstroke more will be added, the paintings, like the real-life stories depicted, are finished without end.

For those fortunate enough, you may see Diane's work in-person at:
Du Vent Dans la Bouche - Volet prémices.
Axe-Néo 7 - Centre d'Artistes en Art Contemporain.
Gatineau, Québec - Canada.

Those of us not so fortunate are not left out. We, and all the world, can see Diane's work at: Diane Carrière Portfolio

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

Yes she is good Indigo, I have her posted on my blogroll :)

Leap Frog said...

Hey Indigo! I didn't know you were featuring Diane, cool.

She, like her artwork, is even more impresssive in person.

Indigo Red said...

Hey, Leap!

I keep track of Di and promote her work whenever I can.

Didn't know you had a Blog. Search looks as though it will become an important read; impressive start. I actually have some links you might like.

D.C. said...

Thank You, My Friends!

Dear Indigo Red,

This was very gracious of you.

What a lovely surprise to get such feeback. I am very touched.