Saturday, October 15, 2005

3000 Blog Visitors

Today marks a blogging milestone for me and Further Adventures of Indigo Red. I have passed the the 3000 visitor barrier. The 3000th visitor was none other the (in)famous dcat of Razor Sharp Claws. Thanks dcat.

This is only appropriate since it was dcat that convinced me to give blogging a try. I have found this exercise to be one of the most rewarding of my life. Sometimes it is so very hard, but the words always come.

As I write this, the counter has recorded 3005 visits since June 5, 2005. The number of terrorist attacks today stands at 3085 since September 11, 2000. It is my short term goal to surpass the terrorist attacks in number of visitors before the end of the year. They have had a large headstart, but I am gaining on them.

Now, this may seem like a small potatoes goal, I know. But, it's a goal and goals are good to have as they provide something to live for. Besides, I like small potatoes, especially the tiny Dutch white potatoes and Russian finger potatoes. The little red skinned potats are pretty good, too. I once raised potatoes in a container on my patio. Fresh from the ground potats can't be beat. Actually, they can, but then they are called mashed potatoes.

Thanks again to dcat and to all of you who, for some odd reason (personally, I believe it to be an unfortunate genetic mutation,) come back time and again to read Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Tom C said...

Hate to break this to ya buddy! I am about half of your hits! Just kidding. Congrats Indi!

dcat said...

Me too Indigo ;) I'm kidding too.

sometimes hell to catch up!

Hey I hope that fruit isn’t from Ben and Jerry’s! I don’t like their politics!

Remember Indigo you’re the one with the gift! Thank you! Keep up the good work here!

Tom C, Hold your damn pant’s on I’m coming to your place next! Can’t sleep ;)

Yeah mon d mon rocks at d site! Soon come back!

Don said...

You have had such success because you have put together one of the most interesting, informative, entertaining blogs in existence. But what is with the dumb letter scramble to comment?

Indigo Red said...


The word scramble is to stop the blog spam with which I was being innundated. It was a constant hassle, a distraction, aesthetically displeasing, and was messing with the blog count. So I quickly put a stop to it.

And I have to do the numbers, too. Sometimes, one gets a fairly interesting word that has never before been seen.

dcat said...


You got a sofool type of block too? :)

I don't get too much commercial I think I got maybe 2 today. They don't post only things like sofo, steve, and chris! I think that is enough too!

Indigo Red said...

He's being polite and conversational.

Newvictorian said...

Your doing good work, Indigo Red. Thanks for providing all the interesting reading!

YellowRose said...

Congrats on the 3000 have one of the more interesting, informative blogs out there! Thanks and keep up the great job!!

John said...

Indigo, congrats on your Blog, its never been something I've agreed with in terms of poltical ideology, but you've always reflected a profound sense of civility, and sometimes you wonder if thats not a lost art at the best of times!

Theres almost, at times, a level of humanity that escapes admist all your rhetoric!

Indigo Red said...

LOL, John! Thanks.

Snake said...

I just brought you up to 3073. I think that must be a signficant number, though I'm not sure what it signifies.

dcat said...


3101 Does that help you!?

Nice post Indigo! :)

Indigo Red said...

It does help, Snake, thanks. Now I'm only 20 visitors behind te terror attacks.

Don, YellolwRose, and NewVic --

I've often wondered if my post really are of any interest. By the fact that people actually read is some indication of interest, but informative and entertaining is good news to me. Thank you.

dcat said...

Just two more Indi! :)

Sofocleto said...

My congratulations Indigo. Now back to Saddam:

You want murder dictators that have been maiming, killing and pauperising their own people:

A lot of world dictators.

So, why did Bush choose Saddam amongst all the others?

Sofocleto said...

Sofocleto said...

Tom C said...

Hi Indi, nice moonbat collection you got here!

Indigo Red said...


Speed read Cassiopeabrain. What's your point?

Nice portraits; I'm sure the wives and mothers are proud of their sons. What's your point?

Now, back to the original questions with a new question:

1. What would you have done in Iraq?

2. What do you propose be done in the future vis-a-vis the world?

3. What's your point?

If necessarary, saying you don't know and you have no point are acceptable answers.

dcat said...

I call em trophys

John said...

Indigo, time for a reasonable question! Ready...why has America's world history demonstrated either (a) an indifference to the dictators of the world...(b) an acquiescence to the dictators of the world...(c) a visible level of support to the dictators of the world, either economic or military and...(d) an actual installation of dictators over preferred popularily elected leaders. And assuming that you don't believe that Americ's bedfellows were despots as henious and despicable as Americ's spinning of Sadaam, I could provide interesting and irrefutable examples! And then the question becomes how or why did America suddenly assume a higher moral ground and righteous purpose in their Iraqi crusade when throughout history their political ambition and misguided enterprise has most often, if not always, revealed a fundamental corruptness of spirit!

Now the conondrum becomes one of intellectual duplicity. The population of the world are suddenly expected to believe that the molester of humane causes has suddenly endorsed the spirit of humanity. Ultimately before you continue to cheerlead the somewhat obvious bankruptcy of these crusades could you ever imagine a common sensical person ever buying into what is so transparently duplicitous and deceitful!!

Indigo Red said...

So, John, how's life up there in Deschnes, Quebec, Canada? Do you like the service of Rogers Cable?

John said...

Deschenes who red??? Is that IPS...didn't answer the question but.... geographical locations are always deceiving, I think LeapFrogs the one pretending to assimilate into french canadian far I think shes in a stand alone posture representing a Carla Holmoka isolationism!!

Indigo Red said...

Almost a nice try, John. But you fell for the bait. People will read correctly misspelled words with which they are very familiar.

I spelled "Deschnes" and you unconciously corrected the spelling to "Deschenes." How many people outside of Canada would have done that?

I'd wager that not many folks outside of Canada would know anything about Karla Homolka (corrected spelling.) Another slip, John. For a Cannuck one would think you'd know how to walk on slippery ice.

The Qs will take more than a few minutes to answer as I have a life whereas you have an overabundance of time devoted to moonbattery.

dcat said...

Nice job there Indigo! You got em!

BTW I like Rogers chocolates when I visit BC BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sofocleto said...

The rhetorical case favoring an invasion of Iraq has gone on for so long that no one is really thinking about the reasons any more. We’ve moved on to more important things, like when the tanks will start rolling.

Though it might be far too late, it couldn’t hurt to do a little thinking before the bullets begin to fly and young Americans start coming home mangled and dead. A good starting point would be to stop seeing Iraq through the narrow view provided by the president, and instead place the actions of Saddam Hussein in the broader context of our bungled foreign policy of the last 50 years.

For instance, why do so few people seem bothered by the fact that the “Madman of Baghdad” was once — and not that long ago — our man in Baghdad? He was still a dictator back then, when the United States supplied him with biological and chemical weapons to kill Iranians. Back in the 1980s, Saddam was considered a great ally to have in the Middle East.

Then Iraq invaded Kuwait. Apparently, in the opinion of the American government, invading your neighbor’s sovereign territory because he is doing something you don’t like is wrong. Of course, we won’t talk about Panama.

But back to the dictator thing. Couldn’t it be that the invasion of Iraq is just a case of a noble American government coming to the rescue of the Iraqi people, who have been subjugated far too long under the yoke of Hussein’s tyrannical rule?

The trouble is, history is replete with examples of dictators supported by the United States, including, as noted above, ol’ Saddam himself. Lest we forget, the greatest mass murderer of the twentieth century — Joseph Stalin — was “Uncle Joe” to FDR. And what about Chile’s Pinochet? South Vietnam’s Diem? The shah of Iran? Manuel Noriega? Sorry, we weren’t going to talk about Panama.

It would seem that the only real guideline that the U.S. government uses with respect to dictators is their relative usefulness for doing its bidding.

Which brings us to another point. At present, the “war on terrorism” requires the cooperation of a number of different countries, including some with rather shady pasts. Number one in that category would have to be Pakistan, which is ruled by military dictator Pervez Musharraf, who once supported both the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Musharraf is also tolerating the presence of al-Qaeda training camps on Pakistani soil and brought the Middle East to the brink of nuclear war in a feud with India over the province of Kashmir.

Considering that the thrust of the case against Saddam Hussein rests on his alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction, the threat to his neighbors, his supposed support for terrorists, and the possibility of his continued rule leading to a massive destabilization of the Middle East, no one is batting an eye over Pakistan’s perfect fit of all those damning criteria. In fact, Pakistan remains our “partner” in the “war on terrorism.”

On the other hand, Germany, a long-time Cold War ally, is no longer our partner, not because it supports terrorism, threatens its neighbors with weapons of mass destruction, or is ruled by a dictatorial regime, but merely because it refuses to play along with Bush’s plans for a preemptive war against Iraq.

Remember the Cold War? That was when the United States gave military and economic aid to brutal dictators who said they’d help fight the Soviet dictators who had been U.S. allies during World War II. This is all getting very confusing.

And let’s not forget Osama bin Laden. The mastermind of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks himself once had a close relationship with the U.S. government. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, bin Laden’s position in the mujahideen made him and his men prime recipients of American military training and equipment. The U.S. government loved watching Afghan guerillas attack Soviet aircraft. It wasn’t so funny when they began targeting Americans.

The current campaign to oust Saddam Hussein would be comical if it weren’t so deathly serious. Those who today are considered friends much too easily become tomorrow’s bogeymen. Iraq is a perfect example. Germany and France may be next, if they aren’t careful. For in the worldview of America’s foreign policy hawks, the globe is their personal playground, war is the biggest game in town, and logic is whatever arrangement of reality gets the tanks rolling fastest.

I make these words mine.

Mike's America said...

UGH! Why does that clown bother? He is SOOOOO off the deep end.

Did he notice that teenie, weenie election last week in IRAQ??? Millions more than voted the first time?

Does he care one BIT about what happens to those people or WHY it was important for the United States and the WORLD to have an Iraq free of that dictator and Al Queda???

Sofo needs medical help SERIOUSLY!

What a warped, COMMIE, hate America sniveling little euroweanie BASTARD and COWARD AND FOOL!!!

Ask me what i really think of him some time.

Indigo Red said...


"It would seem that the only real guideline that the U.S. government uses with respect to dictators is their relative usefulness for doing its bidding. " Ah, now you come close to the reality of realpolitik.

The link you provided has this to which you have made your own words:

"The mission of The Future of Freedom Foundation is to advance freedom by providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government.

"The United States was founded on the principles of individual freedom, free markets, private property, and limited government. As the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution reflect, individuals have the natural and God-given right to live their lives any way they choose, so long as their conduct is peaceful. It is the duty of government to protect, not destroy, these inherent and inalienable rights.

"Thus, for well over a century, the American people said "No" to such anti-free-market government policies as income taxation, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, immigration controls, economic regulations, drug laws, gun control, public schooling, and foreign wars. Despite the tragic exception of slavery, the result was the most prosperous, healthy, literate, and compassionate society in history. Unfortunately, in the 20th century, our country has moved in an opposite direction. Operating through the IRS, DEA, ATF, INS, FDA, FTC , and a multitude of other bureaucracies, our government has waged immoral and destructive wars on our freedom, our property, and our well-being.

"It has seduced us into believing that we cannot live without this political paternalism. It has weakened our moral fiber and our sense of self-reliance, self-esteem, voluntary charity, and community. It has damaged our families. It has hurt the poorest people in society. It has turned foreigners into enemies. It has trampled on our Constitution. It has undermined our commitment to the moral foundations of freedom and to the benefits of free markets.

"The time has come for us to reevaluate our relationship to our government — to repeal, not reform, these immoral and destructive government programs — to recapture our commitment to the principles of free markets, private property, voluntary charity, and limited government that made our nation great — and to believe in ourselves again. It is time for us once again to lead the world to the highest reaches of freedom in history. It is to this end that The Future of Freedom Foundation is dedicated."

With these principles I find no fault and I doubt any of my conservative readers would either. I would find many faults with the particulars of the commentaries.

Now the demonstration of realpolitik: You are not my friend and could never be my friend based upon your previous writings and the last comment left here. However, if you actually read, undestand, and take to heart the Mission Statementand Declaration of Principles of The Future of Freedom Foundation, then we could be friends. You and I would then be fulfilling the bidding and supporting the interests of each other.

But, your entire post runs counter to those very principles you claim as your own, you are not fulfilling my bidding, and I assume I am not fulfilling yours, so I will reiterate -- you are not my friend. Since one who opposes the interests of another is the very definition of "enemy", I must then conclude that you and I are enemies.

You don't you serve my purposes, so I do not provide you with any aid and vice versa. That is realpolitik.

Mike's America said...

Anyway, the REAL reason I came to comment today was to say CONGRATULATIONS FURTHER ADVENTURES OF INDIGO RED!!!

3,000 visitors is a worthy milestone, the first of many I am sure.

I started my blog nearly a year ago and it was a long time in coming before anyone but a few friends and relatives bothered to visit.

Dcat, was one of my first commenters from outside that circle, I think from something I said on Iraq the Model.

It's great how all of us from around the country, can get together and share and discuss ideas in a way that was impossible just a few short years ago.

No longer can our viewpoints be ignored by the lamestream media and the liberal propaganda establishment in Hollywood, Academia and government bureaucracy.

It's the combined voices and interactions of folks like you, Dcat and millions of others who make me optimistic that we might just save this nation from the pathetic appeasment and defeatism and ultimately societal death that dangerous clown fools like Sofool represent.


Indigo Red said...

Thank you, Mike. I have always wanted to wear the uniform of my country, but never could. With the blog I don't need the uniforn, or gun, or army to carry on my part of the great battle before us.

John said...

You know Sofocleto the pathology of Mikes vision of america is limited in terms of appeal or credibility. I would doubt if theres any chance that his "perceptions" could represent anything other than a minority position. Seems like Mikes levels of clairvoyance is impaired by the juices of a serotonin reuptake disorder. Manic conditions are usually reversable but in Mikes case the general consensus might be, "why bother?"

Indigo, very disappointing rebuttal by the way! Either you didn't understand the premise of the points raised or were unable to engage them in a reasonable fashion! No need to provide any information that prefices the expectation of a reasoned argument or counter position, but for some reason I thought you had some potential beyond resorting to such hollow ravings about "you're not my friend" the way thanks for the "outing", any idea where I am now, is there still a "Rogers" Deschnes (lac) connection or have I shown up on the west coast???

Indigo Red said...

No, John, I understood the arguments just fine.

And if you truly thought I "had some potential beyond resorting to such hollow ravings", you are, again, sadly mistaken.

You've already blown it by spelling "Deschenes" correctly, so the misspelling now is superfluous.

John said...

Sorry Red, Deschnes was crying out for a vowel, if not begging!!! Its almost like the abandonment of a baby, you'd take it in wouldn't you???

As far as your admission that you are incapable of transcending hollow ravings, is that true??? Are you unwilling to debate or provide a debateable position regarding America's world record?? If so. fair enough, I'll move along. It's your blog and I'm surely starting to appear troll like in tendency!

But out of curiosity, as entrenched as your positions might be, have you ever suffered from any quivering of embarresment over your unholy or strange bedfellow alliances! Does Mike or DCAT not make you squirm the least little bit, I mean they seem so intellectually fragile and borderline!!

reminds me of a college fraternity when one of your mates goes ballistic and displays a completely disingenious grasp on reality!

Indigo Red said...

John --

"As far as your admission that you are incapable of transcending hollow ravings, is that true??? Are you unwilling to debate or provide a debateable position regarding America's world record?? If so. fair enough, I'll move along. It's your blog and I'm surely starting to appear troll like in tendency!" --- Yes.

" entrenched as your positions might be, have you ever suffered from any quivering of embarresment over your unholy or strange bedfellow alliances! Does Mike or DCAT not make you squirm the least little bit, I mean they seem so intellectually fragile and borderline!!" --- No.

"...when one of your mates goes..." There you go again. "Mates" is not a term used in the US. It is common in Canada. You are so easy, John.

dcat said...


Oh great will I be the next victim of such intellectual cesspool?

Go away John we are bigger then you think and your little social, commie friends will have to try and woo some weak mind else where. Try Antarctica!