Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mother Nature Messed with Us

I have posted the following at a couple of blog sites with mostly Liberal, blame Bush first readers. It was intended just as a comment, but it kept growing as my writing tends to do. So, I've decided to post it on my own page (wow, what an idea!)

Sorry to break the news to you [bloggers], and your regular readers, but, it is not the responsibility of the President or the Federal government to manage catastrophes. It is first the responsibility of local authorities and private citizens; then, state and regional agencies; the rescuers of last resort are the Feds.

In this case, in New Orleans, Mayor Nagin said on Saturday he had an evacuation plan that was going to save everybody. Louisiana Governor Blanco said she was sure the state agencies were prepared for anything and the Feds should stand off until and if needed. The President went ahead and declared the region a disaster area even before H-Kat came ashore, while still a cat-4. It was the Feds who kept saying, "this is the big one, the Category 5 monster that will destroy everything in its path - get the hell out." Even now, eighteen-wheel trucks of rescue equipment aboard (each cargo worth $2.2 million) are still sitting at response centers because neither the Louisiana Governor nor New Orleans Mayor have made a formal request for them to be moved into the disaster zones as is required by law, a law and procedure of which President Bush reminded the Governor and Mayor days before the hurricane struck. In the same telephone call, President Bush pressed for an immediate manditory total evacuation of the city of New Orleans and surrounding parishes.

That 100K-300K people decided to stay, that citizens never prepared for the disaster they all knew would happen someday, that Mayor Nagin's plans were non-existent, that hundreds of school busses were left unused in the school yard, that uniformed police officers took part in the looting, is hardly the fault of the Federal government, nor the fault of the President even if the office was still held by that scum sucker, Bill Clinton.

Hurricanes cannot be legislated. Disasters happen and no one can know what will be presented the following morn. Sure, the liberal conmen and policy wonks will "Monday morning quarterback", but where were they when their unerring prescience was needed most? I'll tell you, they were in the wings watching, waiting, hoping things would go wrong, people would suffer, people would die so they could blame the President and the Republicans. Those not snickering to themselves are deep in thought as to how they can apply more ineffectual Federal oversite to an already bloated Liberal socialist government that "can't even brew a gallon of beer economically" (Gerald Ford.)

I live in earthquake country. The first thing aid agencies will tell people is to have food, water, clothing, medicines, toiletries, flashlights and batteries, blankets and shelter, and cash money to last five to six days minimum because that's how long it will take for organized help to arrive.

I'm sorry that people are suffering and many have died, but neither Republicans nor Democrats created this Category 5 Hurricane Katrina. Mother Nature did. So go ahead and blame whomever you wish. In the meantime, who is preparing for the next hurricane gathering in the Atlantic off the Florida coast as we sit and argue over New Orleans, a city that even 250 years ago, should never have existed? The Bush Administration, that's who.

For complete local coverage go the New Orleans
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dcat said...

Yeah Indigo,

Go look at 20/30 hind...

I left a message too!

dcat said...

If you look at a disaster manual you will see if a disaster happens be prepared to have enough food and water on hand because it may be days before anyone can reach you!

dcat said...

We donate Indigo,

It is about media coverage!

I hope the good people get saved first! :)

JR said...

Amen, bro.

Esther said...

Awesome post and right on target!

Don said...

It is nauseating how politicians from both sides of the aisle are prepared to try and make hay from other people's suffering. This is really no different than capitolizing on the death of Cindy's son. I feel that the left is more guilty than the right in these situations, but I'm not sure that I can trust myself to be unbiased.

Indigo Red said...

Ditto that, Don.

Sylvana said...

Well no wonder your comment didn't really fit with what I was talking about- you mass commented me!

seawitch said...

Living in Gulfport Mississippi, our officials always tell us to have enough food, water, and money on hand for 3-5 days when hurricanes strike. It took exactly 3 days for the first trucks full of water and ice to reach us. If you are prepared, you can make it. I usually keep on hand a three week supply just in case. You never know.

What happened in New Orleans was incompetence on the part of Nagin and Blanco. Our governor called in federal assistance and had it in place and started coming in when needed. In fact, some of the supplies that were stockpiled for Mississippi at Stennis in Hancock County, hit hardest in Mississippi, had to be diverted to New Orleans.