Saturday, September 17, 2005

Christian Terrorists

The Bali bomber was sentenced to two years in prison for the death, mayhem, and destruction he created.

These three hardened criminals have been sentenced by an Indonesian Court (Indonesia has the largest Muslim population) to prison for three years each. The three women were found guilty of teaching Sunday School at a Christian Church meeting.

Here are the true martyrs. Islam is the religion of peace in a pigs eye!

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atoep said...

Sing it sister.

sideshow bob said...

Equating terrorists or corrupt, despotic politicians as representitives of Islam is similar to saying that Pat Robertson is the mainstream voice of Christianity. The fact is that the true representitives of any religion are not in government or on the news, as worldly trappings of power or notariety have little meaning to them.

Have you missed the irony of using religious intolerence in order to decry it?

Indigo Red said...

Actually, sideshow bob, you have apparently missed the irony and have been blinded by your own lack of vision.

atoep, above, got the irony within 10 seconds of the piece being posted.

dcat said...

Islam the religion of peace! HA! Like hell it is!!!

In a pigs eye Indi? Sprinkle some blood on em when you say that! :)