Sunday, August 07, 2005

Killing + Lying = Holy Duty

Omar Bakri Mohammed, leader of the Saviour Sect in London, publicly condemned the killing of all innocent civilians. Privately, addressing his followers he explained that he meant only Muslims because only Muslims are innocent ; "Yes I condemn killing innocent people, but not any kuffar."

For two months, a reporter for the British newspaper, Sunday Times, worked undercover recording radical Islamic leaders and their followers in secret meetings. The leaders were inciting the young Muslims in Britain to violence and hatred of the kuffar (non-believers) and to carry out terrorist attacks against the kuffar. They were recorded praising the Tube bombers as "the fantastic four."

Sheikh Omar Brooks, told an audience that included children that it was alright to kill the kuffar; it is the duty of Muslims to be terrorists. The followers were encouraged to carry out suicide attacks.
Zachariah, another key player, justified the deaths of the 52 people killed in the London attacks July 7 saying they did not abide by strict Islamic laws.

Speaking to a group of teens and families, Omar Brooks said it was a Muslim imperative to instill terror into the hearts of the kuffar and added: I am a terrorist. As a Muslim, of course, I am a terrorist.

As Muslims, it is a duty not to support the nation by making any financial contribution to the British state they despise so thoroughly. Instead, they pretend to look for work so they can collect the £44 job seekers allowance every week. It is what the prophet Mohammad did when he leached from the state all the while attacking his benefactors. The terrorists in the 7/7 bombings are thought to have collected £500,000 by using up to six aliases each, false addresses, and forged passports.

Becoming a member of the Saviour Sect only 3 weeks before the 7/7 attacks, the reporter says he was taught from the start it was his duty to destroy the kuffar. Equally loathed were moderate Muslims who did not subscribe to the same beliefs, the overthrow of the British government, and replacing it with a Sharia Islamic state. Only days after joining the sect, the reporter witnessed a memeber of the Young Muslim Organization, a moderate group, being beaten by seven Sect members because they thought he had insulted their interpretation of Islam.

Here, in the United States, Muslim leaders of CAIR made the same condemnation of the killing of the innocent. The Muslim leaders in Britain are lying and the Muslim leaders in the US are lying. There is no such injunction in Islam as "Thou shalt not lie." There are instructions in the Hadith that lying to the enemy, the non-believer is not only permissible, but is a duty until the day their numbers are strong enough to rise up and kill the kuffar.

The Sunday Times - Britain

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Don said...

Do you ever stop and wonder why information such as this doesn't force more draconian measures against these people? When are we going to wake up and realize that they have to be eradicated? They have declared jihad. We have to be willing to fight back just as hard.

Indigo Red said...


The Christian Middle East and Europe were over run by these vermin the first time in about 610-613 AD. The Spanish finally kicked the Moors out in 1492, nearly 900 years later.

I don't think it will take that long this time, but it will be a long time by modern standards to get the message again. The Muslims are annoying too many people in too many places.

Over at ITM yesterday, they Omar and Mo were talking about the reality TV show BIG BROTHER. One of the things I've learned from the reality shows is that the annoying people are eliminated first.

Mike's America said...

Come on Don... you know the answer to your question.

The Orwellian revisionist/Moral Equivalence/Leftist Socialist Culture is the reason we don't take stronger measures.

That bloc makes up about 30% of the voting public and holds sway with scare tactics and fear over the indifferent 15% of moderates who can be told anything and will believe it.

Until we get a conservative governing majority in this country, we'll be handcuffed by the handwringers from taking effective actions to deal with this problem.

I've cited the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act currently before congress as a first step to deny the foreign funding for Jihadits mosques and organizations in the US... But I don't see it getting anywhere.

Mike's America said...


We had a rash of tye-died hippie freak tree worshipping neosocialists on the site yesterday. I deleted some posts. It's possible I hit yours along with that batch.

Please accept my apology and repost.

dcat said...

EGAD! They come out of the wood work don't they Mike!

We need to clean house! If you kick em in the right place they won't be rising!

Don said...

Call me old fashioned. I must just be a reactionary old man. If a group of people have sworn to kill me unless I think like them, it just feels natural to want to kill them first. I probably need to go to a turn the other cheek group therapy session right after my yoga class. Sorry dcat this is going to cut into the time we were going to spend at the opera.

BTW Indy I like the wallpaper.