Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Nature has dealt a devastating blow to the Gulf Coast of the United States. The destruction is greater than anything any group of terrorist crazies could ever dream of delivering.

American Red Cross

Our cities have been blown apart and flooded, dikes have been breached, and thousands of people have been left homeless.

Salvation Army

The birth place of Jazz, Dixieland Jazz, and the Blues, first truly American art forms, has been inundated not with late night revelers and tourists, but with what is normally lifegiving water. Today the water brings death and destruction.

Despite the heartache, damage, destruction, and death, American families gather themselves together, collect what few possessions they can carry, and get on with life.

Mercy Corps

Far, far away, National Guard troops of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and all the states effected by Katrina are serving their country. Those men and women who bravely face the slings, arrows, bullets, and bombs of the enemy are helpless in the face of Mother Nature's fury.

Through the driving rains, the stark gray skies, the fierce winds, and the perilous night our flag was still there. And so is the hope and pride of the American people.

Soldier's Angels Foundation

The thousands of displaced people will need all the help we can give. Be generous and click on any of the links above to make contributions of cold hard cash to the charity of your choice. Help the people who have so often helped others.

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dcat said...


Nice post on the situation.

Sylvana said...

This is a terrible tragedy. I remember Hurricane Andrew. This is far worse. I hope that help starts flowing faster than it has in the last few days.

I also heard that Lowes will be matching donations given by cutomers in their stores. This could make your donation go a little further.