Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cindy and George Sittin' in a Tree

I'm still on vacation and having a good time. But, I just can't let this Cindy Sheehan thing go by without saying something. She is being used and willingly so. The PR company that represants her is owned by George Soros (Hungarian immigrant from communism, rags-to-riches beneficiary of the American capitalist system, ivory-tower "I know better than the stupid serfs because I've got alot of money" elite rich guy, and all-around no-goodnik. George has his head so far up his _____, he can authoritatively say, " I don't have any stinkin' polyps!)

Here is a new blog that has come on line only this month. He has done his homework on what Cindy has said and written that she now claims she didn't say or write.

Bookmark this site; this guy will be worth reading. He'll be humogous.

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Mike's America said...

Sweetness and Light sure does cover Cindy... Though I didn't see the transcripts of her speeches and articles that reveal who this woman really is and what her actual motivations are.

I tried to comment at the site, but he uses Word Press, which is so screwed up I have yet to be able to use it.

Enjoy your vacation.