Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Update: Jorge Estrada - An American Hero

Jorge (right) shows off perfect 20/20 score in Iraq

About a month ago, I wrote a post concerning the murder of Specialist Jorge Estrada, who was home on leave from Iraq to be with his wife during the birth of their child. His widow and daughters are doing as well as can be expected after the stupid murder of Jorge.

Stacey Torres, has written to inform me that the scumbag bastard murderer, Fabian Cayetano Urrea (19 yrs old), has escaped to Mexico. So long as this bastard remains in Mexico, the bastion of thugs, bandits, and no-goodniks, he will live out his life in relative peace. No police investigation. No manhunt by the Federales. No questions asked.

With the continued one-sided law enforcement practiced by the sovereign nation of Mexico, we will never bring the bastard to justice. Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, will no doubt be asked to return Urrea to the US for trial. He will refuse because the death penalty will likely be a sentencing option. As Fox has done before, Urrea will be used as a bargaining chip for the further security erosion of the US border. Perhaps the Justice Dept. will also use Urrea as a bargaining chip by telling Fox that without the return of Urrea and other wanted felons, we will clamp down on the Mexican border traffic.

My bet is the bastard, Urrea, will remain in Mexico without interference. The only chance of apprehension will be when he attempts to visit his daughters in the US. A demand for visitation with the daughters and the refusal of the demand was apparently the reason for the murder. Reason or no, Urrea needs to be returned, tried, and sentenced appropriately.

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dcat said...

Looks like they are consistent! :)

Tom C said...

What? we cant send in a seal team? I say drop his ass where he is. Life is cheap in Mexico, He knows this.

sue said...

We can try to bring him back, let him sit in a jail cell for 20 some years while he exhausts all appeals, or let him stay in Mexico. Seems to me that if that's the kind of person they want running around, let them have him. Cheaper for us, and we don't have him in our midst. Where's the downside? No, I'm not happy that justice isn't done, but he's out of here, and that's a good thing. JMO.

Steve Bogan said...

Its been many years since this horrid day. And my friend Estrada has never been forgotten.

Steve Bogan said...

Its been many many years since that horrid day. I still remember the phone call from the family. Within two days I was on a flight to cali. Not a day goes by where I don't think of him. He's gone but never forgotten.