Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's a Wonderful Life; No, It Isn't

Sometimes, I just get tired of it all. Continuing with the march of news and notable events, I just get tired of the constant debate and argument.

Karl Rove committed a crime; Karl Rove didn't commit a crime. What crime did Karl Rove commit or not commit? Outing a CIA employee who, at one time many years ago, may have been a secret agent. All of Val's friends knew she was a spook equally adept with an AK-47 and a spatula. She can bake the cookie and shoot it out of the hand of the 7 year old kid who didn't ask first. A regular Stepford wife/Annie Oakley/Matta Hari/ straight razor totin' kinda woman.

Democracy in Iraq and any other Muslim country is possible; no, it isn't, Islam is intrinsically anti-democratic. Early Islam was very democratic. Upon his deathbed, Muhammad was asked who should succeed him. Soto voce, he replied, "Let the people decide." But, the culture is so machismo oriented that democracy isn't going to work, so we shouldn't even try. Who are WE, the people, to tell the rest of the world how to run their own lives and countries? Who are WE, the people, to decide how to conduct our lives as we see fit without governmental or religious interference?

China wants to buy Unical (oil refining) and Maytag (washing machine manufacturer.) Deals like this would make America and China more dependent upon one another; possibilities of conflict and war are lessened. Do WE, the people, really want our energy security in the hands of a hostile nation? Do WE, the people, truly believe the Chinese should be involved in the laundry business?

Last night, President Bush nominated Judge John Roberts to be the 109th member of the United States Supreme Court. Immediately, and I mean right now, the other side were criticizing the nominee as this, that, and the other thing; condemning him for this, that, and the other thing; claiming anyone would be a better candidate because of this, that and the other thing. All the while asking the whispered question, "Who the hell is John Roberts?"

Sometimes, it all gets ever so tiresome. Now I understand, "One of these the moon, Alice, to the moon!"

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Don said...

Indy I couldn't have said it better. Sometimes it makes you want to go live in a tree hhouse and eat nuts and berries. I get very weary of the arguments for or against my beliefs. Then I just sigh and get back into the fray.

YellowRose said...

Sometimes I just pull the covers back over my head! That works too! :)

dcat said...

I just scream and start posting!

I heard both parties do question Roberts.

BTW we have this guy here that sold appliances his name was Jack Roberts and he would state "I won't be under sold!" LOL

Tom C said...

Awww Cmon buddy, suck down a couple of Red Bulls and get back in there!:)

Tom C said...

Oh and by the way, now you know why your ole friend Cooper Dog has to post for me sometimes.