Monday, June 27, 2005

My 1st Death Threat - WOOHOO!

I have received my first death threat or at least great bodily injury threat. It happened Saturday June 25 at Zeyads Healing Iraq. (My comments are in italics.)

"Yesterday in Milan, Italy, Italian judges issued an arrest warrant for 13 (thirteen) American international terrorists.These 13 common US criminals from the good old CIA, among them a diplomatic representative, had kidnapped in Milan in February 2003 an Egyptian imam, bringing him to Egypt, where he was rather horribly tortured with electrical shocks, cold water, beatings, noise, etc. etc.

With the arrogance that such animals show when operating in a country they think they have managed to colonise, they left enough cell-phone traces to enable the Italian investigators to find out their identities.

Now the 13 US terrorists are on the run from Italian justice, and unfortunately the Italian Republic, being respectful of international law, won't send snatch squads to apprehend them.If ever caught on our national territory, these American terrorists would be kept on remand two years, up to the trial.

I hear that unfortunately the zoo of Milan was closed down some years ago, so the cages for apes and monkeys are no longer available to host your 13 CIA operatives.

So they would be put in the 'protected' wing of the jail for humans, together with the paedophiles (a fitting company for such vermin), in order to prevent the Ordinary Decent Criminals from giving them some punishment; but I'm sure that the cops and the prison guards will vent on them their anger for the US murder of Nicola Calipari, anyway.

It seems that in this way Italy has now joined the War on (American) Terrorism... "
An Italian. 06.25.05 - 11:58 am

An Italian, ciao,

The office of the Milan prosecutor did not name the suspects, specify their nationalities, nor mention the CIA by name. An un-named Italian official familiar with the prosecutors case did confirm the newspapers accounts.

Manlio Claudio Minale, the Milan prosector, did call the disapperance a kidnapping and "a blow to to an on going terrorism investigation in Italy." He continued by saying that Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, known as Abu Omar, was "believed to belong to an Islamic terrorist group."

The prosecutors office said that Egypt had released Nasr after the interrogations but was re-arrested later. Minale said another judge is seeking the extradition of Nasr on a separate warrant. Judge Guido Salvini writes in that warrant that the seizure of Nasr violated Italy's sovereignty, according to Apcom, an Italian news agency.

Citing intelligence source, La Repubblica reports, before the disappearance, Italian prosecutors were seeking evidence of Nasr's terrorist activities in Ahghanistan and Bosnia.

It appears the Italian authorities are more sore that an on going investigation into terrorist activities was screwed up than any allegations of torture upon a suspected terrorist in their midst. This is a rare objection to a common practice that even Italy has used.

The newspapers, Il Giorno and Corriere della Sera seem more interested in mollifying the growing Muslim population in Milan that has already demanded the Milan Cathedral be handed over to be converted to a mosque. The neighborhood surrounding the Cathedral is now predominantly Muslim.
Indigo Red 06.25.05 - 7:21 pm

Now the death threat ---

"@Indigo Red, 06.25.05 - 7:21 pm.

You subhuman Ahmehwican thing, cowardly 'Indigo Red', be quite sure that if we ever get you in here (Northern Italy), you'll end up as 'Crimson Red', for sure.

You are just a blathering, cowardly beast, an evil American internatioal terrorist.

Tell us, American beast, about the many instances of torture presented by the Italian State ("a common practice that even Italy has used").

And, filthy and truly foul cowardly animal, what you added is even more ludicrous ("the growing Muslim population in Milan has already demanded the Milan Cathedral be handed over to be converted to a mosque"). It is just a lie: no Muslim did that.

I'm not a Muslim, but a Catholic; and this I promise to you, God willing: that if I ever get you, you'll end up as 'Crimson Red'.
An Italian. 06.26.05 - 12:24 am"

I took up HER challenge and listed dozens of examples of Italian torture cases over at Healing Iraq. SHE is not Catholic, but Muslim. I've never heard Catholics say, "God willing." That's a Muslim idiom. Why is it that the liberals (or equivalents) from all over the planet will throw around threats of violence and, yet, claim they are peace loving while those providing facts and reason are maniacal, bloodlusting killers? These people have serious reality separation issues.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Leap Frog said...

Hey Indigo!

Some people take themselves way too seriously, I'd say. As soon as you countered with your points, she/he went off in a childish manner, very telling.

Young and naive or mature and ignorant? nontheless

Life is short, and it's all you get.
Do it well or don't.
Seems silly to waste it on being driven by hatred. Being free is the only way for the human spirit to thrive, well at least that's how it works for me.

...but heh what the hell do I know?
I actually feel sorry for these drolls.

Indigo Red said...

I felt sorry, too, Leap Frog. That's why I educated An Italian.

Now a course in manners would be nice.

Tom C said...

Yeah take that you rabid american......... ohh wait, Im on your side. Sorry there indi. I must have been smoking hash again.:)

dcat said...

I'll say!

Don said...

Give HER a couple more shots Indy. HER frothing at the mouth keeps me in stitches. That had to be one of the most hilarious troll responses I have ever seen. Please update us if you have any more intercourse with HER.