Saturday, June 11, 2005

Morning Paper News

Jordanian-born Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi has been ordered to turn himself in to Jordan's military court. Al-Qaida's leader in Iraq has 10 days to report in order to face charges of "plotting deadly attacks." He was charged with an attack in Jordan that killed one civilian.

Ten days -- that's June 20. All those who think he will show-up, raise your hand.

The Chicago Tribune reports the U.S. Army has started an investigation into the deaths of Capt. Philip T. Esposito, 30, and Lt. Louis E. Allen, 39. The pair had been living in a Tikrit waterfront palace. Other soldiers also living in the palace, reported hearing four explosions at about 10 p.m.

It was originally believed the explosions were from a mortar attack. Explosives experts, after examining the evidence and the scene, determined the blast pattern did not match those of mortar rounds. The Army's Criminal Investigative Division has not detained anyone in the case.

I'm thinking -- fragging.

In Murrietta, a California Army National Guardsman, Jorge Estrada, 21, was shot three times in the chest. The fatal attack last Thursday came while Estrada was home on leave from duty in Iraq. He came home for the birth of his wife's child. He and Diana had been married for almost a year.

Police are searching for Fabian Urrea, 19, who has been charged with murder. Urrea is a former boyfriend of Mrs. Estrada and is believed to be the father of the child.

(The sentence that occupied this space has been deleted by Indigo Red because of its crass disregard for the family and friends of Spec. Jorge Estrada. The immense disrespect shown to a brave and honorable American hero was totally unwarrnted and was just wrong.)

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

They know where he is.

Sing that line :)

Money, money, money, money. Money

Soldiers should never marry untill they get out and figure out what kind of woman would make a good wife! Not a barbie!!!

dcat said...

Or for a woman a Ken, GI Joe...

Anonymous said...

If you know nothing about the situation.... shut your mouth. Jorge was a very good friend of ours and he served our country... he was more of a man then you all will ever know. How dare you take this situation, his family and friends feelings so lightly! Shame on you all! People like you and Fabian all need to wake up an realize that you are the ones that make this world horrible to live in! I just ask that next time you speak... know what your talking about! Estrada loved that women enough to see past her faults and love that little girl enough to take her under his arm and say she was his. Not any man can do that. In the wake of his demise, do not tear the hearts of his friends and family and tarnish his name. Check out
and you'll see who the real Jorge Estrada was. All I ask of you is next time you write something make sure its true.... and think about family and friends that will come across this website because it has information about their loved one.
God Bless You!
Stacy Torres

Tom C said...

Sniff sniff, Uh Indi....did you step in something?