Sunday, June 12, 2005

Iran: Protests and Surveys

An unauthorized protest demonstration was held yesterday at the front gates of Tehran University. Several hundred women were demanding freedom and equal rights in the run up to next weeks presidential elections. The police and other authorities have been more relaxed in the enforcement of the harsh laws forbidding street demonstrations and dissent because of the election cycle.

The hour long sit-in was broken up by police who had formed a cordon around the demonstrators and did not allow more people to join the group. Many women, men, and children were arrested and detained. A core group of demonstrators continued to protest peacefully despite the police action.

In the south of Iran, bombs exploded killing five people. No one has yet claimed responsibility. The blasts are believed to be connected to the election

A first of it's kind survey commissioned by the Iran Institute for Democracy, in which 758 adults age 16 (the voting age in Iran) and over, with a +/- 3.6 percent margin of error and a 95% confidence level, was conducted from May 26 through June 4, 2005.

Iranians believe by 74%, the presence of American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq increase their chances of overturning the theocratic regime in Tehran. A whopping 66% think the invasion was in Iraqs best interest and 65% believe Iraq will be better off in the long run.

The nuclear aspirations of Tehran cause 42% of respondents a lot of worry and anxiety while 37% say they won't lose any sleep over it.

Who will win in next weeks presidential elections? When asked to predict a winner, 42 percent said Rafsanjani.

When I worry about Gulf States and their relationships with the U.S. and the West, I tend not to worry much about Iran. The lively and spirited political and social atmosphere that has developed will eventually lead to the democratic society Iran truly wants. And, for the most part, they will have done it themselves.

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Ann said...

How about this Marx question for Iranian polls: "Have you stopped beating your wives?"

Just kidding.

Nice post. Glad to hear the Iran crowd has a positive view of democracy and hopefully they will want some sort of constitutional democracy over their theocracy.

dcat said...

Not everyone is nuts...There are some sane people there.

Don said...

There are some sane people there but I'm not convinced that it is a good idea for nuclear weapons to be developed that close to a terrorist hotbed.

Tom C said...

Sorry, I would make it a no nuke zone. If you insist then I would provide the nuke.