Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Zeek Shot in Ramadi

Apparently, al-Zarqawi has been seriously wounded this past Sunday. The Jordanian born terror master was shot in Ramadi (ouch) by US Marines in a raid against the terror groups in western Iraq. The wound was serious enough for him to lose consciousness several times.

The Made in the USA bullet struck Zeek between the chest and the shoulder. He is in a safe area being treated by foreign doctors (ICBW, I'm thinking French involvement.)

During lucid moments, al- Zeek is participating is helping to choose a successor in case he does not survive. The short list of nominees includes two Arabs and one Iraqi. The violence will continue with or without al-Zarqawi.

So what's the use? Why continue the war against terror if there are replacements for the bad guy leaders? Well, the replacements will seldom be as proficient, confident, looney, and zealous as the originals. The leaders get worse, more amateurish, but still deadly. We will get better, more professional, AND still deadly.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

Cool! We will get all his cronies too!!!

Louise said...

The replacements usually start warring with one another, too. I expect Zee Cow Pie is nearly dead, if not already dead.

Don said...

I hope Zackawackacowardly dies a slow painful death, but if a trauma victim lives long enough to reach competent medical care, he usually pulls through. Either way this is no time to let up. Keep the pressure on and they will run out of competent leaders and fold like a house of cards.

Lani said...

Found your blog through a link in some comments on the Iraq the Model blog. I usually read the very depressing, serious, soldier and Iraqi blogs and was refreshed to read your postings. Your sense of humor has lightened my mood and look forward to visiting regularly. BTW, I was completely stumped on Level 18 and finally gave up after figuring I had played with Mr. Dyson's balls for far too long. Thanks again!

Indigo Red said...


Thanks for visiting and for the kind words.

I'm stuck on level 25 for a year now. It's supposed to be done in 18 moves and I've gotten up to 265 before quitting.