Thursday, May 12, 2005

Slavery at Neverland !

Michael Jackson, well known pedophile, rich white guy who used to be black (I think he sang a song, too) has been forcing his famous chimp, Bubbles, to clean the toilets at the Neverland Ranch.

Bubbles and the other animals (unnamed to protect their identity -- underage primates, perhaps?) are being used for such disgusting household activities as dusting and cleaning windows. It is common knowledge that Bonobos don't do Windows.

A grown Bonobo chimpanzee can possess the strength of several fully grown men. These chimpanzees are known as the 'sexy apes' for their behavior of make love, not war . But, when Bubbles began to realize the degradation to which he was being subjected, Michael Jackson had him caged and sent to a 'sanctuary', a concentration camp for those animals deemed lower on the evolutionary scale. Bubbles became "too strong and started to rebel against him - like a teenage child. " The academically gifted Jackson said, "They are very, very strong. They are very powerful."

Jackson employees 150 and 200 people to operate the ranch near Santa Barbara, California. How many chimps are enslaved cleaning the toilets for 150-200 people? How many other animals are being held against their will? Does Mr. Jackson enthrall elephants to do the heavy work of the ranch? Are they forced into hard labor with their only reward being peanuts.

My God! My God! The horror...The degradation...The shame! Where is PETA? Where is the ASPCA? Where is Bridget Bardot? These animals need help and freedom. They need to be free from the slavemaster, Michael Jackson.

Find the storyhere.

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Don said...

Do you think he shared his Jesus juice with the chimp?

Tom C said...

Uhhh..... what the heck? post it for me Don?

Don said...

Tom, Jesus juice is allegedly what Jackson fed to kids to get them drunk. It was a mixture of wine and soda. I am not sure if this has been proven or not, but it sounds about right.

Tom C said...


dcat said...


:)))))))) I like emoticons.