Saturday, May 21, 2005

How's that workin' out for ya?

The Jihadis (and Muslims, in general) are very fond of saying, "With the help of Al'lah" and "If Al'lah wills it." Dr. Phil would probably ask, "How's that workin' out for ya?"

The goal of bombing the Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and the attempt on the Capital or White House was to bring down the entire economic, military, and political infrastructure of the Great Satan, America. It didn't happen. No help from the willing Al'lah.

The goal of the train bombings in Spain was to remove all European nations from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Because of a frightened electorate, only Spain left. No help from the willing Al'lah.

Earthquakes and other disasters were to befall the infidels. The Indian Ocean experienced an E-quake and tsunami that killed thousands of people -- thousands of Muslims. The city of Bam, Iran was devastated in an E-quake a year earlier which killed thousands of people -- thousands of Muslims. No help from the willing Al'lah. Or did Al'lah just miss -- twice?

Recently, a live grenade (see Razor Sharp Claws for angry version) was thrown at President Bush while visiting The Republic of Georgia. The grenade failed to explode. No help from the willing Al'lah.

Years ago, a Muslim crazy attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul (George & Ringo) II. The bullet struck, but JP survived and the crazy went to prison. Again, no help from the willing Al'lah.

The Muslims, however, will say that JP II is dead and the failed assassin is alive, therefore, Al'lah succeeded. Muslims are never at a loss to turn a failure into a perverted lie of success every chance they get.

With the help of Al'lah, if Al'lah wills it, with blessings from Al'lah...The Muslims have yet to get the message: Al'lah isn't helping, Al'lah isn't willing, and Al'lah isn't blessing the Muslims. As gods go, Al'lah is a very poor choice for the office of God.

If it wasn't for the constant threat of beheading, dismemberment, and stoning for any and every infraction against Al'lah and Muhammad, most thinking Muslims would have to answer, "Not very well, Dr. Phil, not very well."

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dcat said...


I hardly call your piece a passive one. I think I did rather well at retracting my claws. It could have been much, much worse.

Don said...

It looks to me like Allah was actually on the job. What these idiots don't realize is that Allah IS god and he wants no part of their heresy. What they forget is that big Mo was just a prophet and they are confusing their reverence for him with reverence to

Indigo Red said...


This is a confusion that has been perpetrated by the Muslims and the inclusive left, i.e. Al'lah is Jehovah(Jewish/Christian God.)

The two gods are not the same at all in none of their manifestations or histories. Even the origins of each is completely different.